Miscellaneous Downloads

Here are several files that might be of interest to every ROTH gamer. If you have/know additional files please let us know.

Mirror of the original Gremlin ROTH website from 1999

Realms Of The Haunting Demo Download

Download the original ROTH demo (Gremlin version) for MS DOS now here (162 MB)!
Click here to download the demo

Extractor tool

Extract all data from the game
Download now

SaveGames with Cheats for GOG.com version

Carrigon's latest save games for the GOG version including cheats! See README in ZIP file for info.

GDV Player

If you want to view the movies on the Realms Of The Haunting CDs without starting the game you can use the GDV ("Gremlin Digital Video"?) Player to view these videos. Simply download the file normplay.zip.
The filename comes from "Normality Player", because ROTH uses the same video engine as the previous Gremlin adventure "Normality".

Usage of the program:
Unzip all files in the ZIP archive to a directory. Then you are able to play the movies by simply typing the following code in a DOS box or in DOS mode (even works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP!):

playdam -z0 {FILENAME}

Instead of {FILENAME} insert the path to the GDV file you want to play, e.g. playdam -z0 n:\gdv\intro.gdv if you want to view the intro movie again. Change "N" to your CD-ROM drive letter. Be sure to insert the appropriate CD before starting the program, in the case of the intro movie you have to insert CD I.
To view all options of the player simply type playdam on the DOS prompt. You can even dump the movie as a series of PCX files, but be warned: the movies run at 12 frames per second (fps) and each frame has a size of 320x280 pixels. So if you want to dump a GDV movie that runs e.g. 3 minutes you will get 3*60*12 = 2160 PCX files.

Miscellaneous Files