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Goodness reflects the light and
evil bears the seed of all darkness.
These are mirrors of the soul,
reflections of the mind.
Choose well...

You have reached the unofficial website of the PC game "Realms Of The Haunting" which was released in 1997 by [Interplay] and received quite high rankings yet it did never get the admiration it deserves. So we have set up this website to establish a kind of memorial so that it will never be forgotten. [more]

  News (Aug 20, 2011)

Brand new cheat program available!
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You can purchase Realms Of The Haunting now online as a download - finally! :)
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New Updated Guide! Now Using Microsoft Virtual PC To Play ROTH: Installing Realms Of The Haunting on Windows Vista And XP!

Complete Soundtrack available!
Download The Realms Of The Haunting Soundtrack here

 ROTH Making Of

 ROTH Game Intro Movie (EN-US)

 ROTH Game Intro Movie (EN-UK)

 ROTH In-Game Video

 How you can help

Did you ever play the game? Did you enjoy it? Did you write a kind of fan fiction around the characters of this game? Please, tell us you opinion, please let us know if you know anything that´s not listed here. Do you own the special edition containing the "Making Of" of the game? [more]

 Where to get it

If you want to buy the game this might become an adventure for itself because it is quite hard to find websites offering this game. This is quite understandable given the fact that the game was released in 1997, which was indeed some years ago. However we found some sources where the game is available for order. [more]

 Interplay removed the official site

Interplay has removed the official Realms Of The Haunting (ROTH) website from the server [www.interplay.com]. However older versions of the website can still be accessed by using the Wayback Machine at [web.archive.org].

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