Realms Of The Haunting
Chapters I - XX (Complete)
Version 3.0
28th February 1997
 © Nick Brown:
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Chapter 2 Chapter 13
Chapter 3 Chapter 14
Chapter 4 Prisoner
Chapter 5 Chapter 15
Chapter 6 Chapter 16
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Chapter 11  
Acknowledgements and thanks to all at Gremlin Interactive for producing a  ‘best of breed’ game.  
In particular to  Antony Crowther whose games have always been crafted to a very high standard.



About the guide
Please feel free to distribute the guide, but please no commercial reproduction without my 
consent.  I would be grateful if you distributed it as written, if for no other reason than I will be 
able to understand any queries :-)
Special thanks to JAv for walking the walkthrough, to Ted for the location of the map of the House,
to Jeff for the solutions to 'Find the Gaps' and 'Quenching the Flames', to Chris for his hints and
solutions to the dreaded Brain maze and the  'Make a Path' puzzle and finally to James & Corrine
for additional hints and some missed items.
It is quite likely that the guide is not 100% complete, I certainly found a few new things 
when I went back through the game to write it up.  That said,  I don’t believe that I have 
missed anything of great significance.  If I have, please let me know and feel free to mail me 
if you have any other corrections, comments, additions, or just need more help.
Realms is a superbly atmospheric game that blends adventuring, puzzle solving, action and 
a movie based plot almost perfectly.  To maintain this I have tried not to reveal too much 
about the story line and have not revealed anything about the locations of where you will 
encounter the many creatures that inhabit the game (unless it is unavoidable).  The main 
purpose of this guide is to assist you in getting around when stuck without spoiling the unveiling 
of the plot, nor the many ‘jumping out of your boots’ surprises that appear throughout the game.
There are some locations and puzzles that are almost impossible to describe without 
resorting to some fairly serious mapping.  The in-game maps are very helpful, so I have not 
attempted to do any further mapping here. The approach that I have taken with these 
locations or puzzles is to  provide an overview of what you need to do and the whereabouts of 
important items or areas that must be explored so that you can  progress to the next Chapter.


General stuff
The game is best played in one of the Vesa resolutions.  Once you have initially set up the 
game for Vesa you can toggle resolutions using F6.  If you have some trouble replacing save 
game names in the Vesa resolution, just toggle to one of the other resolutions , save the 
game and toggle back to your preferred res.
One gripe.  It is a great shame that the keyboard keys for slide left and right are not the same 
as for almost all the other games that use this type of engine, i.e. the ALT and left/right arrow keys.
However I understand that the US release of the game will have user definable keys - lucky guys.
Some items (particularly in the early Chapters) are rather tricky to spot, especially those in crates.
Use the tilt up/down and the crouch keys when looking for potentially ‘hidden’ items.
If the guide asks you to ‘click’ on something, it assumes that your cursor has lit up green, i.e. you 
can operate/place/open something.
Should you play the game with ‘easy item selection’ on or off?  If you go for the more difficult 
option the game clearly will take longer, however the game’s usage of items is generally very 
logical, so not too many frustrations there.  One advantage of going for the easier option is 
that you get to know very quickly if you are missing the appropriate item, avoids going though 
all of them one by one just to be sure.  There are a couple of places in the game where even 
easy item selection does not help - take care.
If the guide says ‘left or right of X’  in describing a direction to move to, or the location of an 
item it assumes that you are facing X.
Many of the Chapters can be solved by a number of routes. If you veer off the route that I 
have given you are likely to be fine, just keep checking the guide to ensure that you have 
visited all of the important locations.
It is crucial to keep returning to your inventory and inspecting items again and again, 
especially after you are joined by Rebecca.
You may like to experiment with the choices offered in the Film clips to see further footage, but 
do save first.
The main locations in the guide are numbered.  The numbers relate to locations within that 
Chapter.  If  a reference is given to a location in another Chapter it will be written as 
IV(2) i.e. location 2 within Chapter IV.


Health and Safety

I have purposely not given away much about the location of the many monsters in the game.
However a few hints and tips about fighting may help the non-seasoned Quakers amongst you.

Health potions are quite rare, so keeping up good health has proved a problem for some people. It is
essential to conserve health by developing your fighting tactics and to use your weapons effectively.


The Game


Chapter I - Shadows
This is a short chapter and the game manual provides a walk through of most of it.  Here it is 
again for completeness.
1. You start in the Front Hall facing a double door with other doors to your left and right.  
These doors and others in the house are marked with protective wards and at this stage in 
the game you are unable to open any door with a ward on it.
Inspect everything you can in the Hall and pick up the book (Look Homeward Angel) and the 
Colt ammunition from the table directly to the left of your start point.
2. Go left from the start point and enter the lit room directly ahead of you.  The typewriter will 
start to type when you enter the room, rather odd, since it has no ribbon - spooky or what!
Items to find: 
Colt ammunition on the table under the window
The Colt pistol on the table with the typewriter
The page that the typewriter produced
A scrapbook containing an article on Crop Circles
3. Exit this room by one of the doors to the left or right of the typewriter table.  You can’t enter 
the rooms with wards on the door yet, so go up the stairs and light the two candle sticks on 
the landing by the window.  Turn down the passage, check the door - it is locked.  Go to the 
end of the passage and light the two candles, take care with the second one , so stand to the 
side to avoid the fireball trap.  The picture slides away revealing a key, pick it up, you can now 
open the door and enter the Study (Sarcophagus Room) and:
Chapter II -  Sign and Portents
1. The Study
Turn on the lights with the switch by the door and explore the room well. Pick up all items and 
inspect all objects.
4 Gold coiled serpents
A sword (the left one of the 3 in the rack)
A shield with a dragon motif
Letter (on the floor near the shield)
3 masks (under the large picture)
Colt ammunition (on writing table)
3 letters (on writing table)
The clock - note down the time when it chimes!
Creepy sounds from the wind up record player
The Sarcophagus - can’t open yet (you need all the Gold serpents)
Hint:  Keep 1 Gold serpent with you
The entrance to the main part of this Chapter is a secret door in the bookcase nearest the 
writing table.
2. Follow the passage to the platform from which you can see the molten river.  Don’t worry 
about the rock fall that seals you in!
Take note of the square recess to the left of the large shields.
Leave by the only onward exit and go to the chamber with a pool to find some ammunition 
for the Colt and leave by the only onward exit and follow the passage to:
3. Room with Pentegram in the centre
Metal Orb (used to open the door with the Orb recess)
Ammunition for the Colt (under Orb shelf and in case)
Ammunition for a shotgun (in case)
Exit through the opening in the wall with  the Orb door, follow the passage over the bridge to:
4. Circular Room
A shotgun
Ammunition for shotgun
2 healing potions
Return the way you came to (3) and use the Orb to open the Orb door.  Go into:
5. Small study with fireplace
Healing potion
A Sketch (the door opened by the Shrive)
Map of the Mausoleum (this complex)
Colt and shotgun ammunition behind the chair in the corner of the room.
Go back to (3) - take the Orb if you like and exit by the opening to the left of the alcove where 
you found the Orb, to:
6. The top level (entrance platform) of the Chamber with 2 large Horned Statues
If you now decide to go down the stairs you will not be able to get back up them. This is not a 
problem, the complex can be explored a number of ways.  If you choose a 
different route to the one I describe, just keep checking that you have visited all the locations.  
Go through the only door on the platform to:
7. Room with Red Pentegram and Tomb
Find the secret panel behind the tomb. (This is the way in to here if you ever need to come back 
from the main statue hall. It also takes you to the Throne Room - see below)
Go through the door up the small flight of steps - it is opened with the lever to:
8. Store Rooms
This is a self contained area.
Go into the main store room (the one with bars) and carefully search the crates for shotgun and 
Colt ammunition.  Climbing up on a crate and looking down helps locate some of items.  Find the 
lever next to the bars.  The door it opens can be seen from here but it is timed, so be quick when 
running round to it. Note that the lever can also be used from outside the room by 'leaning' through
bars.  In this room you can find more ammunition, spooky sounds and a key.  This key opens a
door in the main Statue Hall, don’t use it (unless you want to see a different film clip) until you
have visited the Throne Room.  Return to (7) and go through the other door with a lever to:
9. Run the Gauntlet
The denizens here will keep regenerating until the puzzle is solved.  The aim is to press all 
4 hand panels.  There are 2 on the wall opposite the entrance, 1 in the room where the 
creatures come from and the fourth (only visible after the other 3 have been pressed) is in 
the little side room.  After all 4 have been activated the creatures will disappear and you can 
now read the writing on the wall and use the teleport pad to take you into:
10. Hall with 2 Statues
You arrive (if via the teleport pad in (9)) facing one of the statues. The statue can be moved 
to reveal a passage. Click on it and say the words learnt in (9).  Don’t do this yet if 
you are following my route.  Walk up to the door to the left of the statue (check health first).  
It will explode and you are dropped down into:
11. Dripping room with Chains
Open the portcullis (3 attempts required) and find the shotgun ammunition.  Go up 
the stairs and you will see on your right the entrance to the Throne Room.  Before going in 
explore the rest of this area. In the room with writing on the door there is shotgun 
ammunition and get more ammunition in the other store room.  The stairs going down take you to 
the Statue Hall, the stairs going up take you to (7).  Now go back to the Throne Room:
12. Throne Room
You will have to sit on the throne to progress.  You can now go safely through the locked door 
with the lever in the Statue Hall.  This passage leads you to:
13. The Temple with Winged Statues
 This is a self contained area, explore it all and you will find the Shrive and Staff, some healing 
potions and learn some more of your destiny.  Now go back to (10) and 
move the statue out of the way.  Go through the opening to:
14. Your first encounter with Florentine
You have to talk to him and go with the flow, save before going in!  After this encounter is 
over go through the double doors and continue to the next double doors.  Use the Shrive to 
open them and go into the:
15. Mausoleum
Search all crypts and  alcoves for ammunition and the essential  Gold Coiled Serpent. Avoid 
going too near the altar at the end of this area until you have completed searching and have 
saved the game.  Now approach the altar to meet Aelf for the first time.  Once this clip has 
completed you can get the healing potions that are on the altar - you may need them :-)  When 
you are ready (you will see why!) make your way all the way back to the Study (1).  The rock fall 
ion the way is avoided by using the Shrive in the square recess in (2).  When you get back to the 
Study you will have the pleasure of meeting:
16. Rebecca
Rebecca adds here eyes and ears to your own.  She will pass comment on items in the 
inventory and will often divulge very useful information.  Don’t forget to re-inspect inventory 
items now, especially in the ‘Information’ section.


Chapter III - Keeper of Time
Once again there is no single route though this Chapter, just ensure that you explore all the 
crucial areas.  The route I present may seem a bit odd, but it worked!  
Leave the Study and go down the stairs, turn left and go through the first door on the left to:
1. Green Hemisphere
Inspect the green hemisphere, you can’t use it yet though.  Go out, turn left and continue down 
the passage and through the door at the end to:
2. Dormitory
Turn on the light and explore the room.  Make sure you move the chest to open a door 
‘somewhere else’ (the Locker room).  Get the healing potion from the mantelpiece and leave by
the door opposite the fireplace and open the door on your left by clicking on the sword.  Go up
the stairs and go through the right hand door to:
3. Armoury Room
Watch the Film clip: Gaul - ‘Coming Events....’ and sort out the result!  You can then find 
some ammunition, hear creepy sounds and find the Incomplete Map of the Tower.  The latter is 
on the top of the bookcase in the corner of the room.  I always thought there was more to this 
room but could not’t find anything.  Now go out and turn right up the stairs and through the door to:
4. Mantel Stone to the Tower
Step near or on the gateway and listen to the advice, you realise that you are not properly 
equipped yet to use the Stone.  Go back down the stairs, go to the end of the passage and turn 
right. Follow it round to the left where there are two doors.  Take the one straight ahead to:
5. Frames but no Pictures
Inspect the frames and the Knights Helmet, get the Helmet.  When it is in your inventory ‘Use’ it 
to see a Film clip.  Exit via the double doors and go into the Front Hall. Turn right and go to the 
Typewriter room and leave by the door straight ahead of you.  Turn right down the passage and 
go through the second door on the left to:
6. Locker Room
Just inside and to the right is a different coloured flagstone. Click on it and a door will open 
revealing a small room containing the House Map. (Thanks Ted - wish I found that Map first 
time around :-) )  Now leave the Locker Room and take the door on the opposite side of the 
passage.  Go through the little room back into the Typewriter room and take the first door on the 
left to:
7. Room with table and chair
Take the map of the Caverns from the table and exit by the other door to:
8. Room with Roaring Fire
Note that the map on the wall is of the Earth, but the map calls it Heled, this is an arcane 
name for the Earth i.e. where we are now.  The fire will blaze up to reveal a green crystal.  
Collect the crystal and return to the room with the green hemisphere (1).  Put the crystal 
in the hemisphere and meet Gnarl who will ask you to take a test.  Accept the test and get 
the two masks from the balcony, it is the one with the view of the pyramids.  The masks are 
‘travel permits’ to and from the Tower.  Make your way to the Mantel Stone room (4) and start:


Chapter IV - Tales of the Tower
Stand on the Mantel Stone and ‘Use’ the masks and meet Raphael who will tell you more of 
your quest and divulge some details of the Tower.  Step into the Tower and follow the only path 
(carefully) until you see paths leading to two blue shimmering portals.  Take either portal and 
walk to the Way Stone (there are 2 here).  If you click on the glowing sigil (Heled) you will be 
given some healing.  Follow the path until you find another Mantel Stone, step on it to go to:
1. Central Courtyard
As soon as you move you get a Film clip.  Explore and inspect the courtyard and find three 
doors.  One is locked, one is barred and the other is .....  Find a key in the round pool to open 
the locked door and to get the Guide to Runes.  Sort out the event if you like, then  go back to 
the Mantel Stone and use the masks to go back to the Tower where you start:


Chapter V - The Offering
Go back through the Tower to where you first arrived (where the fire with the spit-roast is).
Use the Mantel Stone to return to the Mantel Stone at III(4).  As soon as you step off the Stone 
the runes on the door will explode and a glowing hand appears on the wall.  Press the hand (this 
lowers a stone that would otherwise block progress) and go through the door that can now be 
opened.  Follow the passage (you can’t go right it is blocked) down the stairs and inspect the 
red zone rune.  Face the wall and look carefully at the red/orange device painted on the wall.  
There is a clue here that will help you to slay the axe demons (not yet though).  Go through the 
door to the left of the red/orange device to:
1. Floating Key Chapel
Go to the far end, look down to see a gold plate with a Gold Serpent engraved on it.  In front of 
you is a sunken platform and above you is an unreachable key.  To get the key; stand on the 
sunken platform and place one of the Gold Serpents on the plate. (Hope you hung onto one, 
else it is back to the Study at II(1) to fetch one.)  Up you rise and the key can now be 
reached.  DO NOT forget to take the Gold Serpent before moving on.  Leave by 
the entrance and go straight ahead into:
2. Axe Wielding Demons
Inspect the carpet and take note of Rebecca’s advise.  When you go round the corner to the 
next part of this room you will soon see the demons.  A breathing space can be found by 
running back and standing on the carpet to collect your thoughts.  Now all you have to do is 
to kill the demons :-)   OK, head off around the corner and stand on the bottom of the stairs 
facing the red/orange device.  Fire at the device (use the Colt) when a demon stands on the 
zone rune, and up goes the pillar and squish goes the demon.  Repeat until all demons are slain.  
Return to where the demons came from and go through the door straight ahead of you (‘Use’ 
the key from the Chapel).  Operate the lever to move the crates away from the other door in this 
area and then go though it to the passage.  Follow this to:
3. Cavern of the Imprisoned Spirit
Go in and walk diagonally to the far right of the cave where you will meet the spirit.  Now exit by 
the passage opposite to the entrance to:
4. Main Cavern Area
This took me a fair while to do and it would be rather tricky to try to walk it through 
completely, the map in your inventory helps a lot.  It would seem that the only crucial item is 
the red crystal.
Here goes:
Whilst avoiding (better to slay) the pesky beasts, turn immediately right as you enter and 
descend the steps.  At the bottom hug the right wall all the time until you find a blue crystal.  
Keep hugging the right wall and you should find you way back to the steps again.  Go up, 
pass the entrance (on your left) continue along the raised walkway and go over the wooden 
bridge. Turn left onto a cobweb encrusted platform and turn right down the passage. Go right 
again and then another right into the side passage leading to a teleporter.  Use the teleporter to 
get to the small chapel.  At the base of the teleporter in the chapel is ammunition and a healing 
potion can be found on the altar.  Teleport back take a left after leaving the cave and then the 
next right.  Follow the walkway through the torches to find a cave containing the red crystal.  
Retrace your route over the walkways back to the passage.  Go straight ahead and take the first 
left turn, then go past the teleporter cave (should be on your right).  More walkway now.  You are 
aiming for the squatting devil at the bottom left of the Cavern map. Go along the walkway, take 
the first left over the wooden bridge, left again over another bridge, follow the wooden floor and 
look left for an alcove containing another blue crystal.  Keep going. Take a right at the next 
intersection and then left at the next.  Follow the path until you meet the guardian.  Approach the 
guardian and eventually you have to make an offering.  Take care here (the easy item selection 
option won’t work)  The guardian wants the red crystal and you can progress to:


Chapter VI - Journal of Evil
Cross the newly created walkway and follow the passage to the stone door, it will open for 
you.  Here is the first bit of platform action, the tilt down or crouch keys can help you with 
your accuracy.  Kill or not to kill?  That is up to you.  On the other side another stone door 
opens, follow the passage to:
1. Vaulted Cellar
You get trapped in here by a rock fall behind you.  Find the Breastplate and meet Aelf 
again.  There are two healing potions in a candle lit alcove and a small planked door leading 
to a room containing a dysfunctional Mantel Stone, note the green staff shape on the 
wall.  Leave the cellar by the other stairs (the one not blocked) to:
2. Florentine’s Living Quarters
You arrive in a room with 2 crates in it.  Inspect/read the black writing.  There are a number 
of possible routes here, just explore all the rooms.  Exit by the door opposite the one 
you entered by and go across the corridor, through the door and into a dark room to find some 
healing potions in the crates.  Go out the way you came in, turn right and then left at the 
intersection, pick up some ammunition from the crate.  Go down the corridor and enter 
the first door on the right to:
3. Room with Suits of Armour
Turn on the lights and look for more black writing.
Map of Raquia Maze (on table)
Magnifying Glass (on chest of drawers)
Sketch of a Sword (on chest of drawers)
Leave by the other door to:
4. Bedroom
Look for even more black writing.
Healing potions (in chest on the floor)
Florentine’s Staff (under the bed)
Note the locked cupboard in the wardrobe
Note the dead rat covered Mantel Stone in the little room (never got it to work)
Exit by the door to the left of the table, turn left and follow the corridor up the stairs to:
5. Temple of the Stars
Turn right (left is a dead end!), turn the lights on as you go up the short flight of stairs and 
explore the room.
2 Maps of the Solar System
Quill and Ink
Florentine’s Journal (with hidden key)
Inspect the journal from your inventory to get the key and to unravel more mysteries.  Now 
return to the Bedroom (4).
6. Use the key from the journal to open the cupboard in the wardrobe and get the last Gold 
Serpent.  Now head back to the Vaulted Cellar (1) and go through the small plank door and ‘Use’ 
Florentine’s Staff on the outline in the wall. Hey presto the Mantel rises, step on it to return to the 
Study and:


Chapter VII - Beyond the Gate
Time to use those Gold Serpents to open the Sarcophagus.  Go down the ladder and follow 
the passage until you reach the:
1. Huge Clock
Climb the stairs to the clock control platform and set the time to 6 o’clock.  Place the Dragon 
Shield in you hand and press the button behind you.  Now go out of the door opposite and 
continue to a crossroad.  On the left and right are fountain rooms which contain chalices.  Get 
them and fill then from the fountains (click on fountain when a chalice is in hand).  Go on from 
the crossing to:
2. Chamber of the Angel Mosaic
Walk in and inspect the mosaic in the centre and then step on it to speak to Hawk - the 
trapped spirit.  He will tell you about the Key of Tears which will release him.  Ahead of you is 
a opening leading to stairs and a locked door. Just in front of the opening is the keyhole for 
the Key of Tears.  The other two walkways lead to doors embellished with fish engravings.  Each 
door is opened by throwing a full chalice of fountain water at them.  Each room has a weapon 
inside, but the one you want is the door to the left of the opening where the keyhole for the Key 
of Tears is.  Feel free to try the other, but save first.  Once you have Aelf’s Dagger you will meet 
Belial for the first time (when you get to the mosaic in the middle).  Just go with the flow to reach:


Chapter VIII - The Mark of the Beast
Head back the way you came to the Study - II(1) and feel free to run!
Go out of the Study and make your way to the Front Hall - I(1).  When you arrive the rune of 
warding on the door opposite your entrance will explode and allow access to more of the 
house.  Before you leave the Front Hall pick up the card by the front door, it was dropped by 
Gaul earlier - don’t know what (if anything) it is used for.
The next area to explore is again non-linear, ensure you get the important items and use the 
House Map that I didn’t have when I wrote this bit!
Go through the door and follow the passage. Go through the door in front of you to:
1. Pentegram and Candles
Inspect the pentegram, light the candles and sort out the event you have triggered.  Now 
collect the small statuette.  Whatever else you do in this area you MUST get the statuette.  
2. Leave via the door opposite the windows.  Go up the stairs on your left to find ammunition 
and a healing potion in a small cupboard by a blocked off area.  Go back down the stairs, left at 
the bottom and go through the door ahead of you.  Go through the door on the other side of the 
corridor.  Take a left down the stairs to more rubble and a cupboard containing ammunition 
and a die (Don’t know what it’s for though).  Go back up the stairs and turn left. Go through 
the door and the one opposite into an empty room.  Leave by the other door to:
3. Refectory
Take the 3 healing potions from the table (jump up on the table). Find the ammunition in the 
corner by the window and leave by the other door.  Now turn right and go through the door on 
your left, follow the passage and go through the door at the end.  Now turn right, go to the end 
and through the right hand opening.  Turn on the lights (just to the left near the armour) and go up 
the steps and out of the door to:
4. Inner Courtyard
Find the healing potion to the right of the large chained gates and then go through the door to 
the left of the chained gates to:
5. Blunderbuss Room
Do the deed to reveal an alcove containing the rechargeable Blunderbuss.  Now leave the 
room and go up the stairs to the right of the ordinary double doors.  You may wish to hang 
about here a bit first for some action!    Open the door to a dysfunctional Mantel Stone and leave 
by the other door. Cross the corridor, through the door opposite you and turn on lights. Now 
head to the end of the corridor where there is a door that needs the statuette to open it.  ‘Use’ 
the statuette to open the door (be SURE to take it back) and start:


Chapter IX - Seven be Bound
1. Florentine’s Library
Don’t panic, stand your ground and deal with what happens.  Leaving the library as soon as 
you are able and then going quickly back in is what I did.
Items on tables:	
Parchment on historical Cornwall
Hand written parchment
The Complete Map of the Tower
Healing potion
Another hand written parchment
Read and inspect the paper work from your inventory, then retrace your steps down the corridor 
and take the door on your right to:
2. Small Inner Courtyard
Hear the spooky voices and when you approach the Mantel Stone you see ........?
The Stone doesn’t work.  Go back up the stairs and through the door.  Now turn right and go 
through the door (statuette one), turn right down the stairs.  At the bottom turn right at the next 
opening and keep going until you see a door that also needs the statuette to open it (you did 
keep it!).  Open the door and go along the passage, take the door on the left to:
3. Cellar Maze
Here are the moves to get through, you may like to see if I missed anything else though.
Starting at the bottom of the stairs:
Left by the candlesticks
Right by the puddle
Left when faced by rubble and down the stairs
Follow the passage and then take the first right
Follow the (squishing!) passage and then take the first right to:
4. Pool and Pillars
Go through and check out the two locker rooms on the left and right.  Did you find anything?  
I didn’t. Now go through the double doors, watch Gaul and start:


Chapter X - The Key of Tears
1. Temple with Green Crystal Stone
Take a crystal (only one is allowed) and then go up the stairs to the altar.  Inspect the Angel 
picture.  The door to the left of the picture is opened by a lever on the side of the altar which 
faces the Angel.  Open the door, go in and use the Mantel Stone to:
2. The Tower Again
You are in a different part of the Tower now and it is becoming more dangerous  to move 
about!  Use the Complete Map to discover the sigil for Raquia.  The Stone you need is the 
one located in the area at the top left on the map.  You are presently standing in the area 
with 3 platforms (top/middleish of the map) one platform has the Heled sigil, the other two are 
Way Stones.  Make your way to the blue portal and use the map to find the route to the 
Raquia Mantel Stone.  Take care with the last bit.  Use the Mantel Stone and go to:
3. Start of Raquia
Follow the path away from the Stone and go over the bridge.  When the path runs out turn 
right up the grass steps to pick it up again.  Take either direction and follow the path until you are 
opposite where you started. Cross the grass and pick up the path again.  Take either direction 
and follow the path.  Now go up the steps and through the tree lined avenue, head for the tower 
you see in the distance.  When you get to the arch you will meet the Spirit of Raquia - listen 
carefully.  Now go on into:
4. Raquia Maze
Use the map to find the right route to each location.  You should get ALL the Maze items before 
entering the tower.  The locations of the items are:
The Ring (down a bit and  left of the tower)
Ear Plugs (bottom left of the map)
Jewelled Meat (to the right of the Ear Plugs)
Pan Pipes (bottom right of the map)
Most of these items are guarded by a puzzle or some platform action.
5. The Jewelled Meat
The pillar with the meat on top of it is lowered by pressing the switch which is hidden at ground 
level behind the bench.
6. The Ring
Use the tilt or crouch keys to help with accuracy when lining up for your next move.  Watch 
out for quick saves on platforms - they don’t always work properly!
Take the moving platform to the middle.  Be patient and get onto the horizontal 
one.  Now move onto either vertical platform to get to the bench and the ring.  Inspect the 
ring and take note of it’s situation.  Go back the way you came. If you are impatient you can jump 
in the water and quickly go across and get out via the underwater steps.  Health is lost though.
7. The Pan Pipes
You just need a couple of well timed jumps to get across.  I found that the jumps are easier using
‘run mode’.
8. The Ear Plugs
No puzzle, they are on the far side of the fountain.
9. The Tower Courtyard
Go through the gates and quickly give the beast the Jewelled Meat!  The tower is a bit of a maze 
but a good route is as follows:
Open a portcullis and take the central corridor.  Take the first right up the stairs and go 
straight over and up the stairs ahead.  Follow the passage ignoring the left turn and go past the 
windows (on your right I hope). Continue along the passage to:
10. The Bell Chamber
All you have to do here is to reach the door opposite without making the bell ring.  Use 
tilt/crouch and run mode to assist your accuracy and jumping.  You do get a couple of 
chances, so use one and head down the steps to your left of the entrance. Hug the left wall 
and aim for the rising/lowering pillar.  Jump up onto the steps nearby and go to the end.  
Jump onto the immobile square, turn right and jump onto the moving square.  Jump off onto 
the rippling steps and go to the end.  Turn left and jump onto the moving square.  Swivel left 
and jump off onto the steps running along the wall.  About half way along is a lever in 
the wall which starts/stops the bell ringing. Leave it alone.  Got to the end, turn left and jump 
onto the moving square that heads towards the door opening.  Jump off at the end of it’s traverse 
and enter:
11. Sounds of Silence Puzzles
Here we have many minor puzzles that have to be completed in order to lower the large pillar 
you see in front of you.  The 7 rooms are a) to g) in a clockwise order as you face the pillar 
from the entrance door.
a) Musical Door
Go to the door and use the Pan Pipes to get in.  Get the Spectacles and the Flask of Oil.  Go 
e) Library Door
Wear (use) the Spectacles and use the Flask of Oil to silently open the door.  Jump over the 
first beam (invisible without the Specs) and manoeuvre your way round the other two beams to 
reach the Spirit parchment on the table.  Retrace your steps to: 
g) Face Door
The word of passing is of course Spirit.  Carefully get the Warm Flask and go to:
d) Ice Room
Use the Warm Flask on the floor, cross and get the Armulet of Silence (groan), then to:
c) Siren Room
Wear the Ear Plugs, go in and click on the floating Siren to get the Silver Key, go to:
f) The Chapel
Use the Silver Key to open the door.  Go to the window at the far end and grab all the (7) 
gems (the Red one is at the top of the window).  Look down at the 7 pointed star and place 
the correct gem on the corresponding point.  Note that the easy item selection mode 
won’t work here.  The Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ones are easy.  The three bluish 
ones are harder.  The lightest one is the Blue, the darkest is Violet and the other one is 
Indigo.  Take the Rainbow Key and go to:
g) Nightingale Floor
Put on the Armulet of Silence, open the door, cross the room, open the door and get a 
healing potion and the Rainbow Gem from the cupboard.  Now go to:
12. Central Pillar
Put the Rainbow Gem in the recess to lower the pillar, step on and cross the ethereal bridge 
to the door at the end of the passage.  Go into:
13. Exploding Spheres
Good to save now and using crouch helps you to see the path through the spheres.  Go diagonally
across the room to the right corner.  Turn left and follow the wall to the door.  Turn left and go
diagonally across the room to the right corner.  Do a U turn and head for the corner where you
will find a gem attached to the wall.  Use the gem with the ring, the spheres rise up out of the way.  
Approach the double doors, they will open.  Step on the plinth and use the completed ring to 
get the Key of Tears and start:
Chapter XI - Captive Angel
Here is some bad news.  You now have to go all the way back to the Study the way you 
came (I couldn’t find another route).  Head back through the Bell Chamber, out of Raquia  
Tower, through the Maze, across the Gardens to the Mantel Stone.  Use the Stone to get to 
the Tower, head back to the Mantel Stone that takes you back to the Temple.  Go out and 
back along the Cellar Maze and make your way to the Study. Phew!
Now go down the ladder inside the Sarcophagus and head past the Huge Clock - VII(1) and back 
to The Angel Mosaic Chamber - VII(2).  Walk into the opening by the Key of Tears ‘keyhole’ to 
meet Hawk and be given lot’s of information, which conveniently Rebecca will remember for us.  
This starts:


Chapter XII - St. Michael’s
Go up the stairs in the air and through the door and onto the Mantel Stone.  This takes you to St. 
Michael’s Church and the Rectory (where Adam’s father lived and preached).  Once again there 
is no fixed order and I am sure I left with an unused key (bronze coloured) and a few 
unanswered questions!   Anyhow, even though you can move on from here without visiting some 
locations, I include all I saw.
Go to the Rectory first and approach the front door slowly, you will see why.  Go through the 
door to:
1. Front Hall
Turn left and face the door.  Open the cupboard to get the Torch of Ward Seeing.  The Torch 
exposes invisible wards (green ones) and as a tip always make sure it is ‘in hand’ at all times in 
the Rectory.  Watch out for it being ‘exchanged’ with other items, especially in easy item 
selection mode.  Now lift the Welcome mat to reveal the rechargeable Wand of Ward Disruption.  
Most doors, hidden or otherwise, have wards, use the Wand to disperse them.  Aim well and 
stand back a bit!  Go down the hall and take the right hand door to:
2. Cellars
Turn on the lights and go through the other door and then straight down.  At the bottom turn right 
and look left and right.  On the right (opposite the ornate doors) is a candle which can be lit.  You 
need a key for the ornate doors.  Carry on round (away from the stairs), disperse the ward and 
go through the door.  Follow the passage and through the door at the end to:
3. Laboratory
Turn on the lights and turn left to find the Floral Key on the floor.  There is a healing potion on 
the lab bench opposite the bookcases.  Inspecting the bookcases here suggest that you may find 
something else, I didn’t.  Now go back the way you came and check out the rest of the cellar 
area before going through the ornate doors.  What is that creature doing there?  Is it significant?  
Any ideas?  Now go and open the ornate door with the Floral Key and discover another mystery!
Now go back up out of the cellar and disperse the red ward you see as you come back into the 
hall.  Go through the door to:
4. TV Room
Another bizarre location that yielded very little for me.  Inspect everything, note the locked door 
and then leave and go back to the hall.  Step back and disperse the green ward (left of the exit).  
Open the door that is revealed and go to:
5. Kitchen
Inspect and open the refrigerator.  Inside is a bronze coloured key - the one I think I never used.
Blast the two wards and take either door - they both go to:
6. Empty Room
Go out by the other door and head up the stairs to your right.  Follow the landing and take the 
second door on the left (disperse the ward first though) to:
7. Empty Room
Disperse the green ward and go through the door to:
8. Bathroom
Be sure to inspect the fittings and then disperse the ward to go to:
9. Clean Bedroom
Go in and get the silver coloured key from the bedside table.  Leave by the way you came in and 
go back down the landing towards the stairs.  Disperse the ward on the first door you see and go 
10. Dirty Bedroom
Find the wardrobe and open it.  Now stand back and disperse the green ward.  Go through the 
wardrobe to:
11. Hidden Room
Disperse the green ward and open both cupboards.  One contains a modern looking key and the 
other provides a view into another bathroom.  If you want you can go back the way you came and 
continue down the landing, through the end door and check this out from the other side - it 
yielded nothing for me.  Next go back down the stairs and open the door on your right to:
12. Lounge
This has caused some people a problem.  When you inspect the chairs Rebecca keeps 
suggesting you look again..  This is because the bookcase in the corner contains 3 books, not 2.  
The third is brown coloured and is a bit difficult to spot.  Get all the books and be sure to inspect 
the brown one via your inventory so as to get the key for the Church Tower.  Now head for the 
13. Church Porch
This is an exception to my rule about not revealing surprises.  When you have slain the beast in 
the porch make sure you pick up the coin it has filched from the collection box.  You can use the 
Holy Water, but I am not sure what it did for me.  Put the coin in the collection box to open the 
Church door and go into the:
14. Church
Head up to the altar and go into the pulpit to get a Notebook.  Now approach the stained glass 
window behind the altar to be given a feather.  The door to the side chapel is locked, the key is 
in the:
15. Church Tower
Go up to the first landing to get the Tiara (on the table) and then up to the second landing for the 
key to the Lady Chapel (on the block in the corner).  Go back down and use the key to open the 
door to the:
16. Lady Chapel
Inspect the statuette and the wall painting.  Now place the Tiara on the statuette and put the green
feather in the statuette’s wooden base.  With luck the painting will open to reveal Aelf’s helm and 
the start of:
Chapter XIII - Dragon Sword
Pick up the 2 healing potions that are now in the cupboard and go back to the Mantel Stone 
outside the Church.  Use it to go back to the Tower.  Find the Mantel Stone for Argua (bottom left 
of the Complete Map) and make your way to it.  Again the Tower is dangerous,  so save.  Use 
the Stone to transport to:
1. Entrance to Argua
First of all don’t worry, you get your stuff back when you leave here.  First look at the scroll that 
has appeared in your inventory and then make your way to the house.  This whole world is just 
one large puzzle and quite a simple one at that.  I suspect most people will never have to get 
help on this one, but for completeness this is a way through it:
The lower floor only contains two useful features.  A red and a white teleporter.  The red one 
takes you up to the next floor and the white one up there brings you back down again.  Use the 
red one to go up to:
1. Four Rooms and a Fountain
Around the fountain are four plaques - a cloud, a watery wavy line, a flame and a gold square.
There are 4 rooms containing your ingredients.
There are 2 small teleporters - the Chalice and the Eye.
Use the Eye teleporter to get the Magnifying Glass.  Just climb as high as you can and you will 
find it.  Then find the teleporter to return.
Use the Chalice teleporter to get the Chalice!  On arrival follow the steps down and to the left 
until you get to the gap in the wall.  Now turn left and keep going until you get to another gap.  
Go up the stairs to find the Chalice, now retrace you steps to the teleporter and return.
The 4 force fields blocking off the rooms are removed by filling the Chalice from the Fountain 
and throwing (used like a weapon) the liquid at a door.  Open them all.
When you combine items by ‘using’ one with the other the original items are removed from your 
inventory and are replaced by the combined item. So:
Use the Magnifying Glass to reveal the words hidden on the panels you can’t yet open
Get the Cylinder and the Flint, combine them to create the Cylinder/Flint!
Get the Pestle and Mortar, combine them to create the Pestle/Mortar! (it gets better)
Click on the GRIND panel to reveal the Hookah Pipe
Get the Red Powder and Black Powder, combine them to create the Snow
Get the Fan
Open the panel that had no writing on it (you can now) and get the scroll
Use the Magnifying Glass on the Scroll to move the scroll into the correct part of your inventory
Use the Scroll with the Cylinder/Flint to give access to the BURN panel to yield the Tinder
Use the Tinder with the Cylinder/Flint to create the Fire
Use the Snow with the Cylinder/Flint to hear a BONG, open the BONG panel to get the Amber
Use the Amber with the Pestle/Mortar to create the Incense
After all that running about go to the fountain and:
Place the Fan on the cloud plaque
Place the Incense on the gold square plaque
Place the Snow on the wavy line plaque
Place the Fire on the fire plaque
Assuming Rebecca tells you it is now time to combine the ingredients, do so by using the Snow 
with the Hookah, then the Incense, then Fire, and finally the Fan.  Now approach the fountain 
and give (click) the offering.  Smoking incense - that’s weird!  You get the Dragon Sword and 


Chapter XIV - Vengeful Souls
Use the white teleporter to go back to the lower floor and make your way back to the Mantel 
Stone and go back to the Tower.  Slaying creatures is rewarding.  Head back to the Mantel 
Stone you arrived by, use it and go with the flow to start the:


Have a look around and get some of the notices of the board.  After a couple of interruptions you 
will be rescued - aaaah!  - then start:


Chapter XV - Where the dead lie
Grab the rest of the notices and leave by the door Rebecca opened.  Turn left, the first room on 
the left is empty.  Now go into the second room on the left to acquire :
Healing potions, ammunition, Map of the Graveyard and Part 3 of Florentine’s Journal.  Leave 
the room, turn left and follow the passage up the stairs into the tomb.  Go through the door into 
the Graveyard (explore if you like - I found nothing) and head straight along the path to the 
House.  The door ahead and to the right with a green rune on it can’t be opened (or can it?).
Turn right a go to the flaming blocks.  Use Florentine’s Journal on each of the blocks to lower 
them and to open the door to the right of the blocks.  Go through the door and head down the 
path to start:
Chapter XVI - The Gate
Follow the path along and through the tunnel.  The Graveyard Maze is straight down the path 
ahead of you.  I never explored the Maze very well so there may be something in there of use - 
perhaps a Brain Map!  Use the map to locate the Mantel Stone in the centre of the maze and 
head off there.  It has been discovered that you can 'use' the masks anywhere in the maze to get
to the Tower.  Otherwise use the Stone in the centre to go to a new area of the Tower.  You arrive
in the area at the bottom right of the Complete Tower Map and you need to aim for the area with the
drawing of a devil’s head and the Sheol sigil.  The Mantel Stone won’t work - you are missing the Dragon 
Sword.  Notice that across from the Stone is a platform leading to an area not depicted on the 
Complete Tower Map.  Jump across and go through the blue portal to recover the Shrive and the 
Dragon Sword.  Now go back to the Mantel Stone and use it to go to:
1. The Keeper of the Abyss
Go to the ethereal arch and have a chat with the keeper.  Now go through the arch to be 
transported to the:
2. The Brain Puzzle
The chances are that you will be here without Rebecca (you only have one green crystal).
As you step onto the circular floor it rises to form a stepped pillar.  You have to go down the 
steps and solve the puzzle to get the pillar to sink again before you can leave.  Go to the 
perimeter of the ‘cave’ and find the Brainometer.  You need 16 brains and they have to be placed 
in the hole at the base of the device.  There is 1 brain in front of the contraption and 1 hidden 
behind it.  You should then find 3 more around the perimeter of this ‘cave’.  The others are 
hidden within the maze of passages that is the Brain.
There are 4 brains in dead-end passages.
There are 4 side ‘caves’ each has three entrances and a heart on top of a pillar. Three of these 
‘caves’ yield 2 brains, the fourth just 1.
You can ‘click' on the hearts.  Rumour has it they may generate extra brains, however I have
been unable to prove this.

The brain maze consists of passages, side caves, deadends, flyovers, single gates(G) and double
gates (DG). Take care when crossing any flyovers. If you do fall off, just find your way out to the
main central cavern and start again. Here is a route that will ensure that you collect all the brains.

Face the Brainometer and number the perimeter double gates (DG) 1 - 4 clockwise. Go to DG
number 1 and enter via the left entrance. Hug the left wall and go through a G, go through the next
G, ignore the next right and the next DG on your left. Now take the next left just before the next G.
Ahead are 3 entrances to one of the side caves. There is only 1 brain in this cave, so take the
middle entrance and get the brain in front of the heart column. Turn around and go out. At the
junction go left through the G, go across the flyover, take the left tunnel and follow it through 2
Gs until you get back to the central cavern.

Go back to number 1 DG and enter via the righthand entrance. Take the next right down the
steps and then a sharp left at the bottom into a deadend containing a brain. Turn around and
take the next left though a G (not back up the stairs) and the next left through a G. Pass under
the flyover, through 3 Gs, up the stairs, through 2 Gs and then take next left into the lower part of
another side cave. Get the brain, go back out, turn left and left back into the cave, get the brain
in front of the heart. Go out turn left, ignore the next left (back into lower part of cave) and through
a G and a DG, down the steps, under a flyover and take the next left through a G. Go through a G,
ignore the next right and get the brain in the deadend. Turn around, take next left up the steps,
through a G, left at the top, ignore next right, left at the junction, through a G, ignore next right and
go across a flyover.

Take the left at the intersection, through a G, take the next left down the steps then a very sharp
left into a deadend with a brain. Turn around, take next left, go under a flyover, up the steps and
through a DG. Go through a G, ignore next right, through a G, ignore next right and go through 6
Gs. Go under a flyover and left at the 4-way junction into a deadend and a brain. Turn around, take
the next left through a G at the 4-way, left at the top of the steps, through a G, ignore the next
right and go across a flyover. Go through a G, ignore the next right and go left just before the
next DG. Ignore the next right and the next left to go back to the central cavern.

Go to DG number 3 and enter via the left entrance. Hug the left wall, go through a G, ignore the
next right, go across a flyover, turn left and left through a G. Take the left entrance into another
side cave and get the brain. Go out and take the middle entrance to get the brain in front of the
heart. Turn around, ignore the left entrance that takes you back into the cave and turn left through
a G. Go on, ignore next right, through 3 DGs and a G. Take next left in to another side cave, get
the brain, go out turn left and left again to get the brain in front of the heart. Turn around, go out
of the cave, turn left and ignore the left taking you back into the cave. Follow the passage through
4 Gs to the next DG. Take the right just past the DG and an immediate right through a G, go
through a G and then back out to the central cavern.

Feed the Brainometer with the 16 brains, sort out the beast to get the Scroll of Power of
Dominion with Magic and go back through the Gate to get a surprise!
2. Mirror Puzzle
Inspect the form in the red light and speak to him (click on him).  Note the stone throne and the 
three exits from the cavern.  The puzzle is pretty simple.  You have to find 16 mirrors and 
carefully break them with one of your weapons whilst not releasing your reflection.  A good tactic
is to approach the mirrors from one side and to 'peek' around the corner until you have enough of
the mirror to fire at.  You will find 12 mirrors through the smaller exits that lead to two concentric
tunnels, the last 4 are found through the widest exit.  After destroying all the mirrors, head back to
the stone throne and it will sink to reveal a Gate which you should enter to see how tough friend
Hawk is!  Now start:
Chapter XVII - Father of Lies
Go back though the gate to the:
1. Octagonal Puzzle Room
Step into the room to be trapped in here by fire.  You have to solve 8 different puzzles which will 
then allow you to the solve the ninth puzzle which will release you from here.
Each of the 8 rooms contains a recess containing a dial with 8 positions, each is initially 
protected by a force field.  You open the door to a puzzle room by clicking on the force field .  
After the puzzle is solved the force field disappears and the dial’s top position is lit up red.
As you will no doubt discover some of the solutions to the puzzles are very difficult to describe.  
These ones will have to be solved by trial and error.  Let me know the solutions to these if you 
find them and I will put them in the next edition of the guide.
a) Traverse the Floor
The room needs to be crossed by the correct route, which is:
Whilst facing the far side, stand in front of the third tile (a dark one) from the left.  Now go 
forward,  forward, forward, forward, left, left, forward, forward, right, right, right and then in to 
press the hand.  Now turn round, run over the slime and whilst running shoot the force field to 
remove it.  Puzzle completed.
b) Mirror Maze
Hug the right wall until you find the hand, press it and then hug the left wall to go back to the
c) Floating Spheres
The spheres need to be rotated so that when you press the button the resultant fireball goes 
though the opening in the top left of the room.  You may have to send more that one fireball 
through it to raise the wall and solve the puzzle.  Look at the controls.  Each of the 12 dials has 8 
positions, assign 1 to the top position (12 o’clock) and count them clockwise to 8.  Rotate the 
dials to replicate the setting below, then press the button a couple of times to complete the 
1	1	5	1
3	6	1	8
1	8	8	7
d) Five Hands and a Maze
The 5 hands on the wall are switches.  On the top row press the right-hand hand, on the bottom 
row  press the left-hand hand.  Go to the maze and find the plinth, press the button to complete 
the puzzle.
e) Gem Shoot
Reveal the gems by shooting at the wall.  Now it is easy, just move the weapon on the plinth 
using the rotate controls and destroy all the gems to complete the puzzle.
f) Find the Gaps
The task here is to move the blocks around using the 7 levers to first expose a clear path at the 
bottom and then fire (press button) the gun until the bottom force field disappears AND the top 
gun starts to fire.  Then repeat the exercise to make a clear path for the top gun to fire and 
destroy the top force field to complete the puzzle.  Numbering the switches 1 to 7, left to right as
you face them:
To expose the bottom path press (in any order): 2, 3, 5 and 7
To expose the top path press (in any order: 2, 5 and 6. 
g) Shoot the Mirrors
In this room are 4 recessed pulsating mirrors, all but one protected by a force field.  Find that 
one and destroy it to remove another force field. Repeat until all 4 are smashed.  You can then 
go into the area opposite the entrance and stand on the plinth to lower it and complete the 
puzzle.  However the whole room is guarded by a series of fireball traps which you have to 
avoid.  The best way is to jump over problem squares, especially by jumping from corner to 
corner.  Save often and this is an easy one.
h) Make a Path
You have to move the blocks to create a walkable (you can’t jump from block to block) route to 
the opening in the far left corner of the room.  Face the panel and number the switches 1 to 13,
left to right and top to bottom.  Now press: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12.  Once you are across
press the hand to complete the puzzle.
2. Quenching the Flames
It is now time to use the 8 dials.  When the red lit spot is at the bottom the recess darkens, you need
to get all the recesses dark to quench the flames.  Each dial moves another.  Numbering them clockwise
from the Shoot the Crystals puzzle alcove you have:
1 moves 5
2 moves 4
3 moves 6
4 moves 1
5 moves 7
6 moves 2
7 moves 8
8 moves 3
One of the solutions is to turn 1, 2, 3 and 7 and you will hear a giggle when you have succeeded.
Sort out the resulting problem to get The Perdition Protection Scroll.  Now go through the Gate
and then back through it again to a:
3. Meeting with Belial
Go over the bridge and through the gateway into the inside of the castle area.  Turn left and 
follow the wall to get some healing potions.  Now head for the centre and meet Rebecca again.  
Decide what to do with her and then do what needs to be done.  The large stone is a useful 
shield.  Go and explore the tower to find a familiar tree and a healing potion at it’s base.  Head 
back to the Green Hemisphere and use Eternity on it to go to:


Chapter XVIII - Threads
This part of the game is linear.  Step off the Mantel Stone, make your way across the cave to the 
healing potion.  Now follow the path through the caves, over the river and along the wooden 
walkway.  Continue along the walkway, past the river, head upwards until you get to the wooden 
bridge.  Cross over, follow the path to the next cave to find a healing potion.  Continue through 
the cave (it gets dark - watch your footing) and follow the walkways to the Mantel Stone.  Save 
first, then use the Stone to start:
Chapter XIX - The Gathering
Play it as you see fit and start:
Chapter  XX - Devil take ...
You have to be quick here because the house is disintegrating around you.  Make your way 
through the house and go to the Front Hall where eventually you can open the door to freedom!
Final hint: try three shots with Florentine's staff.