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The Prisoner , Chapter Fifteen--Where The Dead Lie

Chapter Sixteen--The Gate , Chapter Seventeen--Father Of Lies

Chapter Eighteen--Threads , Chapter Nineteen--The Gathering

Chapter Twenty--Devil Take The Hindmost

About This Walkthrough

This game has been available from Gremlin and Interplay for about two years now, but since I only just got to play it :) I still decided to do my own walkthrough for it. This decision came about because it took me two different walkthroughs, plus consulting Gremlin's official hints page, just to make it through the game. So instead of using three separate sources, I decided to do my own that combined some elements of each one. Therefore, some of the information contained here comes from both Lu Richardson (His information on creature killing was invaluable to me), and Nick Brown (His walkthrough is stronger on puzzle solving than creature killing and was still invaluable to me). Most of this walkthrough comes from my own gaming experience, but in places where I really needed to refer to Lu or Nick's information, I have given them credit. Lu and Nick are my references for this walkthrough as well as Gremlin's Official Hints Page You may freely distribute this walkthrough to friends, however if it is to be used at a website, please credit me, and put a link up to my homepage:

If you're reading this walkthrough to see if you want to play the game, you can buy a copy of Realms of the Haunting dirt cheap at Ebay Go there and click on computers, then games. Do a search for Realms of the Haunting. Or, you can try and get a copy through The Used Game Trading Zone .

This walkthrough combines the tactical as well as the puzzle aspects of the game. It is designed to give you maximum survival. It is also designed to give as much spoilage as possible. So if that is not what you're looking for, you might want to try Gremlin's Official Hints Page. If you want a harder game, go that way, but it doesn't give much monster or tactical info. This walkthrough assumes you are playing on Easy mode in both combat and adventure, meaning you're less aggressive and need major help :) This is a really hard game, mostly due to the low health potions and ammo. According to Gremlin's Official ROTH site, there are NO cheat codes for this game. But if you follow me, that should make it a bit easier and less annoying and frustrating.

Overview, Opinions, and Combat Tactics

The story, at first, is pretty basic. You, as Adam Randall are trying to save your father's soul, which is trapped in this strange house. ROTH is a big game. You get Twenty Chapters or levels to play. Some of those chapters are just video, but not many. You learn more about the plot as you find journals and letters and you will also find better weapons that will recharge themselves. This game combines Doom-style fighting with Adventure. You will be attacked often and there are very few areas where you won't be. There are also very few health potions and not much ammo is available. There do not appear to be any cheat codes for this game, so my fellow spoiled gamers, you are on your own! There is no God Mode or All Health to save you here. Therefore, every time you come to a health potion, hold onto it for dear life, and that goes for your shotgun shells and colt cartridges, too. Do not use a health potion unless you absolutely have to. When you do have to use one, just double click on it in inventory to use it. Also, the A key on your keyboard is for jumping and the Z key is for crouching, CapsLock is for run mode. You will be using Run Mode alot! And don't forget to hit the capslock key again when you're done playing or you'll find you're in all caps when you want to type something :D The End key will allow you to look down and the Home key will allow you to look up (pageup and down does the same but I found home and end to be better most of the time). The , and . keys are your strafe keys, invaluable for dodging hits. In chapter one, you'll notice that you can shoot the windows. Do not waste ammo doing this. It's actually so that you can reload your weapon when you run low, but you really won't need to do that much since you will be finding a magical weapon in chapter two that recharges itself. So, I can't stress enough, save your health and ammo until really needed.

More About Weapons

In chapter one, you get a Colt 45. The next chapter you find a shotgun (There are a few monsters that are better killed using the shotgun shells, but you get so few shells, that it's better to wait until you absolutely must use them. You will be needing those shells for several puzzles, the shells just work best, so save them until needed.), and then a Skull Staff. I found that up to about chapter seven, I could get by just using the Staff. Then you find a big gun to kill the Men in Black with, however, I found that it took longer to load than the Staff, so you have to becareful. You'll also find Aelf's dagger in chapter seven. Another weapon that's alot of fun is the Eternity Sword. Once you find it, you can use if you like, but you take some damage being up close to the monsters. I found it to be alot of fun, though. For those who are worried about The Dodger monster at the end, just save Florentine's Staff. This Staff is NOT rechargeable. Use it before the end and you will use its power up. You can still kill The Dodger without it, so don't panic if you have used the Staff up. I killed The Dodger with just the Skull Staff and the shotgun. During this walkthrough, I'll let you know as best I can where to use what weapon. And don't be afraid to run alot! Sometimes playing this game is like trying to play Doom in Nightmare mode. There is no other way to win but to run away.


Many of the monsters cannot follow you through a door (only real exception is the Men in Black, they can), and this here is your tactical edge (Many thanks to Lu Richardson for this). All you have to do is to quickly open the door and stand inside your room, then just shoot them, retreating further inside when they try and shoot you. The door will keep closing, so just keep opening it, you don't want to stand where it won't close because you'll be within reaching distance of the monsters and will get hit. With a little practice, you can do this with minimal damage to yourself. You will be encountering many different kinds of monsters, almost too numerous to list here. There are robot monsters, samurai monsters, monsters that fly, weird monkey/dog-like monsters, demon monsters, and Men in Black, just to name a few. You certainly won't get bored fighting the same monster over and over because each section of the game seems to yield a different monster type. Some monsters are more vulnerable to certain weapons than others. If you're having trouble killing a monster, try switching to another weapon. Best weapon, probably the Skull Staff you find in chapter two for the first half of the game, Aelf's dagger for the second half. For the Men in Black, try the special gun you find for them, but it takes longer to reload. For human monsters, sometimes the shotgun is the best weapon. When things get too hot, RUN. Don't walk, just run. Many monsters regenerate in certain areas, so it's nearly impossible to kill them all and it's much better to run and take minimal damage than to stand around and get killed trying to fight them off. Some monsters will have a valuable paper that you need and there will be no getting around it. You will have to fight. When you must fight, try running backwards as you shoot to save yourself as much damage as you can. One final word on monsters, if you choose to run away, that monster will probably still be there when you have to come back to that same area. So, you're either going to have to run past it again or kill it. Just so you aren't surprised.


During most of this game you will find that you seem to be looking for keys. There are a few other items such as swords and masks and gems and other magical stuff that you will need, too. If you play in Easy mode, when you go to solve a puzzle, if you have that item in your inventory, it will automatically be used for you. If you don't have it, you'll have to keep playing till you find it. You will also find maps for the mazes and important plot information, such as journals and letters. And some parchments that will allow you to go on to other areas of the game. Some items are hard to see, so use your end and home keys to really look about and when you come to a crate, walk around it several times and keep looking inside it. Often, the health or ammo is in a corner of the crate.

General Gameplay

ROTH is full of mazes. Most of this game is just one big maze. You will find maps for most of the mazes in the game, so that does help abit. In addition to the mazes there are many areas where it is very difficult to walk without falling. Use the end key so you can see the floor better and SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE again! Save often, save everywhere, and save in different game slots! It took me six different saved games just to finish ROTH. And I needed every one of them. There might also be instances where you seem to be missing an inventory item. This happened to me a few times and I couldn't find the item again, so I had to restore from a much earlier game. So when you save a game in a slot, leave it at that point. Like save at the beginning of a chapter and just leave that game alone. That way, if you need to go back a few chapters, you can. Since your health is most likely to always be toward half or below for most of the game, try saving alot before combat takes place so you can restore and try it again if you're health took too much of a beating. I often found that the second or third time I tried it, I could walk away with better health. When you do find health or ammo, it's often on the floor and hard to see. You will have to press the end key to find it. Often, the health will be in spots where you will immediately be attacked FROM BEHIND as soon as you get those potions. So grab them quickly and turn around and be prepared to fight. You can try saving first, so you might be able to keep trying until you don't even need to use one of your potions. Also, many times at the end of a video sequence, you will immediately be attacked. Sometimes it's better to save before a video and just press esc to skip over the video when you have to restore.

Saving Your Games

Did you know that you can save your games to a floppy? Well, you can. You can even do it when you've finished playing for the day. Just go into your explorer files and find the saved game file folder, it should be in the Interplay directory folder. Copy those games to a floppy. A really good idea is to save at the beginning of each chapter then save those games to a floppy till you have all of them. That way, if you want to later just play a certain chapter, you can. You get plenty of gaming slots, nineteen, I believe. If it seems I tell you to save excessively during this walkthrough, it's because it's better to save too much than too little in ROTH. See my Roth Website for saved game files.


You can replay any video you have already seen by clicking on I in your inventory and then the little disk icon to get to your saved games menu. Now, click on the big red Realms logo under options on the left. You should get a video menu. Just click on the film icon to get out of this menu when you want to. Now, on to the chapters! :)

Chapter One--Shadows

First, look in inventory, you can even click on Adam in there for some plot info. Items in starting room: The book "Look Homeward Angel" and the Colt ammunition from the table directly to your left. Right click them in your inventory to get Adam's descriptions of them. Look about this room and right click on things to hear Adam's observations. The light switch doesn't work in here, but it will work in other rooms. You'll see some locked doors. Now, you just know you're going to have to solve some puzzles to open those :) This room is a bit creepy, isn't it? Try the door to outside--Locked. Doesn't look like you'll be leaving here anytime soon, but then again, you don't really want to leave, do you?

Walk into the hall on your left. Right click on the suit of armor to hear what Adam has to say about that :) Just take a quick look about this whole area. And you can walk down the hall across from the armor, but you won't be able to open any doors there yet. Now, walk into the lit room. Okay, the typewriter is typing something. When it's finished, take the page and look at it. Other items in this room: The Colt 45 on the typewriter table. Some ammo on the table by the window. And a scrap book containing an article on Crop Circles. (Always read everything you pick up, when it's safe to do so, gives you some good plot info.)

Careful, don't shoot the windows and waste ammo. You really won't be finding much ammo any time soon.

Now, that you've looked everywhere in here, try the door near the window. It should be unlocked. Go in there and take a quick look around the hall. You'll see the open window and a dead rat on the floor. The open window is moveable, you can close it if you like. You can even try jumping out of it, but it doesn't seem to work :) The doors in the hall here are locked. Go up the stairs.

You can light the candles, so click on them till they are lit. If you go all the way up the stairs, you'll see a mirror, not much else to see. Now, do you see a painting at the end of the hall? This is a booby trapped area. You need a key inside the painting. There are two candles on either side of the painting. SAVE here. Now, light one candle. Move to the other and press yourself as close to the wall as possible. Light the candle. If you didn't get hit with the fireball, take the key. If you got hit, you can restore and try again. You need your health! The fireball seems to blow out a window.

The key is to the door to the left of the painting. Entering this door will trigger your first video and the end of this chapter. This was also one of the very few areas of the game where you could walk about without being attacked. Now, things will start to get crazy pretty soon.

Chapter Two--Signs And Portents

After the video, SAVE your game here. That way, if you need to go back to the beginning of this chapter you can. Use a different game slot for other saves during this chapter. You are in a library. There is a light switch by the door, turn it on.


5 Gold coiled serpents (you'll be finding 2 more during the game)

A sword (the left one of the 3 in the rack)

A shield with a dragon motif

3 masks (under the large picture), You won't need them, but take them anyway.

Colt ammunition (on writing table)

4 letters (3 on writing table and one on the floor near the shield)

Read everything you've found so far. Seems that someone named R.J. is writing worried love letters to Claude. This R.J. seems to be a Priestess for a Temple of the Morning Star. Note the dates on the letters, 1929 and 1930, these letters are quite old. (I had some trouble reading these letters with my monitor, they seemed really faded.) Click on the clock and you can make it chime at 6 o'clock. That's important later on. Play the record player and shut it off when you've had enough.

Take a look at the weird Sarcophagus. You can't get it open yet (you need all the Gold serpents. I believe it's seven of them that you need.) At this point, you may place the serpents around the Sarc. When you find the next one, later in this chapter, keep it with you because you will need one to get a key later on.

The entrance to the main part of this Chapter is a secret door in the bookcase close to the writing table. SAVE before opening the bookcase. Click on it to open it. Do NOT rush right on through.

Well, you've had it easy so far. You are about to meet your first monsters. Make sure you have the Colt ready. This part of the chapter is really rather large and it's filled with monsters. Sometimes you will be attacked from behind. Therefore, SAVE alot. I mean save like everytime you do anything. That way, if you want to restore and see if you can get away with better health the next time around you can. You will find a health potion soon, but it's scarce, so hold onto it for dear life. Okay, ready? Make sure you're in run mode, so hit that capslock key. Start going forward. Shoot the monster while moving backward so you don't get hit. Once he's dead, continue to a room with a fence, where you can see some lava. Step into it, wait a few seconds for a monster to appear. (Many times you will find that stepping into a room will trigger monsters to appear.) There will be a cave-in behind you, don't panic, just ignore it. Have a quick look at the niche by the shields to the right of the entrance (You'll be putting something in there to get back to the library). Continue on till you come to the room with the water.

Wait for the monster to come out of the water and shoot it. Quickly, pick up the ammo at the foot of the stairs, to your right, and go out through the opposite passage. Monsters continue appearing here from this point on, so becareful. SAVE now.

At the foot of the stairs, you can equip your sword. Your gun probably needs reloading, and if you back off up the stairs while you are doing it, you'll be attacked from the rear. As soon as the monster appears, start hitting him with the sword till he's dead. If you got hit, you can do the game restoring trick and see if you can get away with better health.

Now, you should be in the room with the Pentagram in the center. The items here are: Metal Orb (used to open the door with the Orb recess), Ammunition for the Colt (under Orb shelf and in box), Ammunition for a shotgun (in box), for a total of 3 colt mags, two shotgun shells. Do NOT pickup the ammo yet. As soon as you go for that ammo, a monster will appear behind you. So, get ready for that. SAVE. Equip your Colt. Be quick, go for the ammo on the floor, monster will appear behind you. Spin about and shoot it, run about if you have to so you don't get hit and kill it. Use the Orb on the indentation to open that door. Do NOT rush in. SAVE. A monster will appear in there as soon as you step in far enough. Shoot it while running backwards till it's dead. Then you'll be safe to go in and get the items: ammo by the chair (4 colt mags, 1 box shotgun shells), scroll on the table (it's a map of this place, very handy.) To look at the entire map, you can move it around with the cursor. Regardez means "look" in French. You should also find a healing potion, save it, and a paper (it's a sketch). Okay, SAVE again.

Open the door and turn left, go through the passage to the left. As soon as the monster appears, turn around and run back into the room, or you will be attacked from behind. Now you have two monsters to deal with. Run around the room while shooting them so you have minimal health damage. If you get hurt bad, restore and try it again.

Now, you're going to want to go back through that passageway. Try equipping the sword first and SAVE. You will come to a room and four monsters will pop out at you, one behind you, three in front. Try killing the one in back of you first, then run up the stairs, equip the gun and try shooting as many monsters from the stairs as you can. If you miss one, just walk slowly into that room and shoot it. Once you've killed the monsters, get the items: Shotgun!!!, Ammo (one box), and two healing potions. Only use the health if you really, really have to, otherwise, you can walk around with half health all you want and you'll still be okay. What you will find with health potions is that the round bottles are kind of weak. The skinny bottles give you a good amount of health, and later on you'll find another kind that's a full heal, but much later. Full heal's are scarce.

Go back to the room with the pentagram on the floor and take the passage by the closet. SAVE. You are going to have to kill three robot monsters, (don't let them lie on the floor, make sure they're gone, this goes for any monsters that possibly regenerate, such as, skeletons). Once they're dead, you should be in a room at the top of some stairs.

Do NOT go down the stairs yet. You won't be able to come back up if you. But it's really okay because there are doors down there. But for this walkthrough, let's take the door to your left without going down the stairs.

Okay, you're in a strange tomb room. Take a look around this room. Behind the sarc is a secret door. Don't go in there yet, just look at the door a sec. (That's the way in here if you ever need to come back from the main statue hall. It also takes you to the Throne Room.) Look at the other doors in this tomb room. See the one with the steps leading up to it, it's opposite the sarc. Go in that one first by pulling the lever to it for it to open. SAVE.

You should come to a door, but don't go in there yet. You need to kill the guards first. So just run about killing them and then come back here. Just wait till they pass in front of you and try shooting them in the back :) Always remember to run backward a bit while shooting till they're dead.

Come back to the door you first saw. This is the main storage room filled with boxes and a lever. SAVE here, it's just a good idea. Now, search all the boxes using your end key to look down and find all the ammo (4 colt mags, 2 shotgun shells). You can climb on crates using the A key to jump and then look down into some of them. Okay, look through the bars in this room, don't get too close if there's still a guard passing by. Do you see the door through the bars to the right? The lever on your right opens that door. You don't have to open it from this room. You can leave this room and walk around to the bars and just reach through and pull the lever. Then run into the room. So, that's just what you need to do now. SAVE. Run out of this room, around to the bars, hit the lever, run into the room. A monster will appear. Shoot it. SAVE. Don't get the key yet, a monster will appear when you do. First search the room for ammo (5 colt mags, 5 shotgun shells). When you're ready, SAVE, get the key, spin around, kill the monster. Okay, SAVE again.

Don't open the door to this room yet. As soon as you step out, you will hear a security message and three robots will appear. You are in trouble now! What you're going to have to do is make sure you're in run mode, open the door, run forward till you hear the message and run back into the room before the door locks on you. The robots won't follow you into the room, most monsters won't follow you into doorways. Now you get to try the door trick. Open the door, back yourself up a bit, shoot a monster as best you can, if the door closes, just keep opening it, and keep doing this till they're all dead. You should be able to do this from the safety of this room without any real damage to yourself. You will be using this technique often throughout the game.

Return to the tomb room and take the door behind the sarc. Careful, there's a robot. Shoot it from the stairs. I can't remember if another samurai showed up in here, so just be careful. Ignore the door with the writing on it, there's nothing in there but a monster. Ignore the stairs leading down to a door. You don't need to go there yet. That's the way to the main statue room. Go to the door on your right. Open the door inside it. It's a storage room. Get whatever ammo is in there (about 6 shotgun shells, 4 colt mags). Leave this room and the empty room. Go to your right and up some stairs till you come to a forcefield. Enter the room.

There are no monsters here, so it's okay to look around. Go to the Throne and click on it till you get the video. Leave this room. SAVE. Once again, I can't remember if a samurai appears in the hallway, so be careful. Go back to the metal door and enter it to get to the tomb room again.

Take the door to your right with the lever. SAVE first. This is a dangerous room. It's also a puzzle. The goal here is to hit four hand panels, stand on the teleporter, read the writing on the wall, and you'll end up in the room at the bottom of the stairs (the one I said you wouldn't be able to climb back up if you went down. It's a statue room.) Your problem is that the robots keep regenerating until you've pressed all four hand panels. Don't bother to waste your ammo on them, just SAVE, make sure you're in run mode, and run across the room, hit the first panel, run along this wall and hit the other panel. Turn around and run through the robots as best you can and hit the panel in their room. Turn around, run to your right, there's an alcove, get in there and you'll see the fourth panel, hit it fast. (this fourth panel only shows up after you've hit the first three). The robots will die once you've hit the last panel. Now, go into the teleporter room where the robots were coming from. Step on the platform, read the wall. You should be teleported to the Statue Room.

You can look about this room alittle if you like. It's sort of museum-like. You'll see quite a bit of doors and in front of you there's a statue blocking an exit. To the right is a door with a lever and a keyhole. That's where you want to go. You have the key for it.

To the left of the statue is a door, but I would advise against using it. It's a total waste. If you enter it, your health takes a huge beating. It's some sort of dungeon room. There is a health potion on the floor if you turn around, but you'll have to face at least three samurai monsters in there and all you get in return is two boxes of shotgun shells. I just don't think it's worth it, but you can try it if you want. To exit it, you push on the metal door a few times. You'll recognize where you are, you're by the Throne room again, but now, you've got to come back to the Statue Room again. You can do this by finding the stairs on your left in the hallway that lead down to a door and you'll be right back in the Statue room.

The door that is blocked by the statue is a trap. You'll still need to enter it, but not until you go through the door on the right with the key.

Okay, let's go through the key door. You'll get a small video of Adam. Items to find in this area: two healing potions, the Shrive and the Staff. Problem, the healing potions are blocked by three or four samurai monsters. To get to them. Walk down the corridor, till you come out to the main area. SAVE. Go left. As soon as you come near the little bridge, you'll trigger the monsters. Kill the one behind you first, run alittle and kill the others. There are two healing potions on the floor in that room against the back wall. Come back to the main area where the water is. You want to go up the stairs to the right in there. SAVE before you make it up the last of the stairs. You'll get a video. Take the items offered (Shrive and Staff). As soon as the video is over, RUN out of this room. Hard monsters will come after you. Run all the way back to the Statue Room. The monsters never followed me, so you should be safe now.

Time to speak the words of power. Walk up to the statue blocking the back exit. SAVE. As soon as you click on it and speak the words, two samurai monsters appear behind you. Spin about and kill them as quickly as you can. Now, the door you've just uncovered is a trap, but you have to go in there anyway. SAVE. Drink a health potion if necessary to bring your health way up, you're gonna need it. Basically what happens is you get a video of Florentine. As soon as the video is over, you are now trapped in this room with skeletons. You cannot leave until you kill the skeletons. So, run around and shoot em with the staff. Your health will probably take a bit of a beating. Once they're all dead, you can open the big door. Go in there, down the steps, use the Shrive to open this door. SAVE. Look through every crypt in here for ammo (3 shotgun shells, 2 colt mags). When you get to the water, do NOT get too close to the altar yet. Make sure you grab the gold serpent on the left side of the water, it's in one of those alcoves. Once you feel you have all the ammo and the statue. SAVE. Walk towards the altar. Get a video. As soon as the video is over, grab the 3 healing potions off the altar fast. Spin around, there are skeletons coming at you! RUN! Don't bother to try and kill them, too many. Run all the way out of this place. Open the door you used the Shrive on, run up the stairs, run back to the main Statue Room.

Time to leave this chapter behind. So, go through the door closest to the main stairs, it's on the right. Go back to the metal door and into the tomb room. Go to the left door, but don't go in yet. You should see two samurai's just waiting to kill you. Stand in the doorway and shoot them. Be prepared for possibly another or so of these monsters as you make you way back, so save often. You should come to the room with the pentagram on the floor and that door you used the orb on. Go through the hallway with the green pentagram on the wall. I think the room with the water on the floor is next and you might get a samurai monster in there. Go up the stairs. Find the niche in the wall. Use the Shrive on it and follow the hallway to the bookcase. SAVE here if you like. You'll get a video where you meet Rebecca and this should begin chapter 3.

Chapter Three--Keeper Of Time

Go through your entire inventory and discuss everything with Rebecca. Do NOT place the gold serpent yet. Keep it. You need one to find a key later on. Then walk to the door, don't open it yet. SAVE. The good news is that you have unlocked some of those interesting doors in the house. The bad news is that there are samurai monsters just waiting to slice you up as soon as you walk into the hall. You can try the door trick for the first monster. Step out the door, run back in. The monster should have appeared near the painting in the hall. If not, you didn't step out far enough. Wait till he's near the door and blast him. (I found that he actually went up the stairs to the right and I had to stand at the foot of the stairs and blast him.) Now, when you try to go downstairs, you will get a monster behind you and one in front, so give the one in front a try first and spin about for the other. Watch alot of these halls, as you progress through the game, samurais and other sword monsters will appear on you. It's nearly impossible for me to tell you when each will appear, so just watch out.

When it's safe, go down the stairs and turn left. Here's a list of the unlocked rooms: First door on the left: Green Stone. Go in here first. Look about. You need something for that big green stone, but you don't have it yet. Go left again. This door is locked. Go on to the next room, the one at the end of this corridor. This is a bedroom. Turn the light on. Items in here: health potion! on the mantel and a moveable chest. Move the chest, it unlocks that locked door that was next to this one. Go out through the door you came in here by, turn right and go into that now-unlocked room. This looks like a locker room, doesn't it? Close the door and take a look at the floor near the door. There is a differently colored tile. Click on it and a door behind you will open. There's a map of this house in there. Leave this room and go back into the bedroom on your left.

Go through the door across from you, opposite the fireplace. Click on the sword to open the door on your left. Go up the stairs, stopping at the first landing, SAVE. The door on your right is the Armory room. Don't rush in here. You get a creepy video in here and as soon as it's over, two scary skeletons appear. I just ran out of the room and shot them from the doorway. Items to find: six boxes of shotgun ammo and a scroll on top of the bookcase (it's an Incomplete Tower Map). Leave this room, turn right and go up the stairs.

Mantelstone to Tower Room. You can step on the mantelstone, but you don't have the proper equipment to use it yet. Leave this room, go back downstairs. Turn right, then left. Walk towards the dripping water. Ignore the door on your right, you want the one in front of you. SAVE. Once you step in here, a monster will appear, so deal with it as usual :) Once you've killed it, you can look about the room. It's a Picture Gallery of some sort. Item to find: Helmet. Click on the helmet in your inventory and you should get a video. Exit via the double doors and you'll be back in the Main Hall where you started the game. Go straight ahead and look at the floor by the front doors to the house. Pick up the playing card and be sure to discuss it with Rebecca. Go to the typewriter room and take the door to the right. There's a scroll in here (Map of the dreaded Caverns. I promise you, you will find out why I've been screaming about those health potions when you get to the Caverns). Go through the next door to a room with a fire. Look at that fire till you find a crystal in it. Look at the maps on the walls. Now SAVE. Two samurais will appear in the dark room as soon as you step in there. Kill the monsters from the safety of this fire room. Exit the dark room, go through the door in front of you and the one in front of that, you should be in the green stone room. Click on the stone for a video. Talk to Gaul, ask for a key and accept his test. When the video is over, find the two masks by the window with the view of the pyramids. These masks allow you to use the teleporters, you must have them with you at all times. Now, click on the green stone to get back to your world.

Chapter Four--Tales From The Tower

Okay, you have to go back to the Mantel Stone room now. Do you remember the way? Leave this room turn left, go into the bedroom (it's at the end of this hallway) and out through the door opposite the fireplace, go left, the door you opened with the sword, and up the stairs. In the Mantelstone room, stand on the stone, SAVE, and double click on a mask in your inventory to use the masks. You get a video.

This is a pretty small chapter, really. So far, you only have an incomplete version of the Tower map, and you'll only need to go a short way this time anyhow. The Tower is a dangerous place to walk. Fall off the walkways and you die. So try the End key to see where you're going a bit better. Once you've used your masks, you meet Raphael, the tower guardian. He tells you some things. Basically, that this Tower can take you to four different worlds: Arqua, Raquia, Sheol, and Heled (Earth). Once the video is over, follow the path in front of you and go right, then stay left down the stairs to the shimmering portal. You should come to two shimmering portals. Take the closest one on your left. You should note that some of the big waystones in this tower will give you some healing if you click on the Heled symbols, you have to walk up close to them for them to be clickable, however, do NOT do this unless you absolutely must. I think it only works once or twice and you have to come back here alot and might really need that health. So don't waste them. You can also right click on the symbols to get alittle direction from Raphael. Enter the portal, walk around the shimmering wall and out of the shimmering portal, go right and up the steps on the left to another mantelstone. Step on it, get a video.

You're now in the courtyard of the house. As soon as you step off the mantelstone, you get a video. Click on the skeletons and statues for comments. This area is just so cool, don't you feel like you're in a Stephen King novel? You're pretty safe here for the moment, so you can look around a bit. There are two pools here, one in front of you and one to the right of the yard. Walk to the right, find that pool. There's a key at the bottom, so jump in and use the z key to crouch and get the key. Go back to the first pool. Now, there are two doors you can open, the left contains nothing but a samurai monster in the dark. You can kill him if you like. It doesn't seem to matter. I killed him because I wondered if I would have to deal with him later on. The door on the right was the one you needed the key for. Go in, notice the symbol above the scroll, take the scroll (Guide to the Runes. These are the four worlds you'll be traveling to and from.) SAVE. Stay in here. Well, now you've done it! You are in trouble. There are samurais all over the courtyard. You can try and kill them from the window, but I found the door a bit easier. Just use the end key to help you to look down. When it's safe, return to the mantelstone and use your masks. Make your way back to the first mantelstone that takes you back to the house. At the house, do NOT get off the mantelstone. Walk backward off it. The symbol on the door will explode and you can take damage if too close. Now turn around and press the hand symbol that has appeared on the wall behind you. You can SAVE now as the beginning of chapter five.

Chapter Five--The Offering

Go through the door in front of you that is now unlocked. The stairs in this new hallway are blocked on the right, so go straight ahead. Stop at the top of the stairs, look at the red pentagram down on the floor, notice the symbol on the wall behind it. Shoot the symbol from the stairs. Watch the floor come up. That's how you will kill the ax monsters. SAVE. Now, walk down the stairs and open the door on your left. Walk straight and look at the serpent symbol on the floor. Two samurais will appear upstairs and jump down to you. Shoot em while walking backward. Now, look up at that key on the ceiling. You have to stand behind the symbol on the floor and put the serpent there, the floor rises, you grab the key. It might take a few tries, just keep placing the serpent to move the floor up. After you get the key. Grab the serpent!!! Make sure it's in your inventory before you leave this room, you'll need it later for the library. Exit this room, walk straight ahead into the dark room. Don't go any further. Look in here a sec. Now, SAVE. As soon as you step into the next room, the box room, three ax monsters will appear. So, run in there, as soon as you hear the monsters appear, run back to the stairs and up them. The ax monsters won't come up. Stand at the top of the stairs and wait for a monster to stand on the red pentagram, shoot the symbol on the wall behind it. Crunch! Wait till you've killed all three this way. Come back down the stairs and go into the box room. Notice how you can't move the boxes away from the door? Stand in front of the door that's unblocked, it's a closet with a switch. SAVE. As soon as you go in there and throw that switch, another ax monster will appear. So, go in, close the closet door behind you. There's a light switch in here. Turn on the light and flip the switch. You should be hearing that monster out there. Fun, isn't it? :) Okay, SAVE. You know what to do, open the door, run up the stairs, shoot the wall to crunch the monster. Come back in this box room. The boxes are away from the door now. Go in, there's a light switch when you see the door. It's behind you. Turn it on. The door in here is a closet containing one health potion, two shotgun shells, 3 colt mags. The goods are on the floor, behind the door, you have to stand in here and close the door, press z to crouch and get them. Don't move! As soon as you step out a samurai will appear. So SAVE. Run forward a little, run right back in here and blast em. Try not to get any damage to yourself, cause the really hard part is next. Go down the stairs and just keep going forward. Once in the crypt, hug the right wall till you get the video. Do NOT leave this crypt. SAVE!!!! Save in two different slots at least. One, you can use while in the Caverns, one you need to restore to here. Okay, you've been wondering why I've been screaming at you about those health potions. You're about to find out. It's the dreaded Caverns!

Caverns: Basically, this is a maze in the dark with flying demons coming at you, and narrow walkways where you can fall to your death. And there's a catch--you have to find a red crystal and a red demon! You have a map of the Caverns, so pull it out. You can see where the crystal is marked and the big demon. I still had trouble with this map because I really couldn't tell where I was on it at the entrance.

Items: There are some items that can be found in this cave, but the only one of importance is the red crystal. The other items are: A health potion will appear after you take the red crystal, but you have to leave the room and come back for it. Other items, kind of to the right of the red crystal's room, there is a teleporter that will take you to a church chamber. You get one health potion and two or three shotgun shells in there. After the red crystal room to the left, there is a shelf with alittle more ammo and a blue stone, I think. Other blue stones can be found on the lower level of this cave, but you don't need them. There is also one box of shotgun shells when you walk through the small graveyard room and down some stairs, it's by a skeleton at the foot of the stairs. There might be some more ammo, or other stuff in the Caverns, somewhere, but according to Gremlin's cheat page, this really should be it.

Directions: This is what I did: SAVE! Leave this room go down the stairs, enter the Caverns. You'll get your first taste of flying demons. Use the staff to kill them, don't waste your shotgun ammo. Stick yourself in run mode, too. Be very careful of the floor, you can fall and most of the time you either die or are trapped with demons down there. Best to restore your game if you fall. I can't really give you exact directions, but try and follow along a bit here. Go left, do not fall! Just keep staying as left as possible along the walkways, any wall openings that go left, go that way. If you stay left, you should be able to find the red crystal's room. Green demons are everywhere and there were three or more of them in that room. The entrance to the room seems to be in a wall opening, so be sure to hug that left wall. Once you find it, leave the room (if you are in bad need of health, turn around and come back in for that health potion, it should be in here now) and go left again. Hug the left. You should come to a shelf with some ammo and that blue crystal. You may look at your map at any time in this cave and it pauses the game, so you won't be attacked. At the shelf, providing you've found it, look at your map. You are close to the red demon. Look for some lighted torch's, you want to go that way. You should come to the red demon. SAVE when you see him. You have to put the red crystal in your gunhand or you won't be able to talk to him. So unequip the staff, grab the red crystal. Do this quickly before the green demons come. Run up to the red demon, click on him. Watch the video, Call out your name when asked. After the video, make sure the red crystal is in your gunhand, click on him again. Get another video. He should let you pass through now. Okay, this is the best I can do for you in the Caverns. If you feel like looking around in here again, you can restore a game and do so. That way, if you wanted to see the teleporter or the small graveyard room, you can. The graveyard room is to the right of the Caverns' entrance when you first came in. So, if you enter the Caverns and run right, you'll come to it. There really isn't much to see and there's a skeleton and more green demons there. I never found a use for the blue crystals and I think they are just red herrings. You can always try giving the demon a blue one and seeing what happens. I never did. After I gave the red crystal, the blue seemed to be missing from my inventory. Very strange.

Chapter Six--Journal Of Evil

Run straight ahead. Do not open that door yet! SAVE. There's a really hard green demon in there, tougher than the ones you've faced so far. Equip your staff. Try and shoot him from the stairs with minimal damage to yourself. He'll still probably get you alittle. By now, you're probably wondering when you'll get your next health potion. Soon, but not yet. Once you've killed the demon, you have a floor puzzle. SAVE. If you fall, you will either die or almost die. This puzzle takes patience. You have to hop on each moving piece till you cross the room. Get out of run mode. Use the end key to look at the floor. Save after each successful jump, but use a different slot. You should have a saved game from before you start this floor and one as you go along. The last jump piece seems to move alittle faster than the others. It might take a few tries. Once you've crossed this room, SAVE.

Go down the passageway, but stop before entering the big, dark room. SAVE. This is the basement of the house, or at least one room of it. Stepping here and walking to the right wall triggers a strange monkey/dog monster. Straight ahead of you is a piece of armor, two health potions will appear only after you've seen the armor video, but you get attacked as soon as the video is over, one or two monkey/dog monsters in front of you, one samurai on each side of you. I just backed away as I fired. SAVE once you've killed everything in here. You'll have to come back in here, so it's no use running out of the room, might as well kill em all now. When it's safe, walk around this room. There's colt ammo to be found in the rubble by the stairs (one mag) you came in and against that right wall (two mags). Just look at the rubble. Now, take a look at the small wooden door near the candle. Don't bother going in there yet. You won't have to till we explore elsewhere. Okay, go up the long staircase.

It's safe to open this broken door. Find the light switch. Look at the writing on the wall. Very weird, makes no sense to me. The crates seem to be empty. Walk over to the other door, not the one by the lightswitch, the one left of the crates. SAVE. As soon as you step out, you will be faced with a new and tough sword monster. So, step out and step back in here! Hmmm. You can try and kill him by waiting for him to come near the door, but that's kind of hard with this one. He moves about kind of fast. The hallway is still dark, right? There is a lightswitch on the left in there. Okay, wait till the sword monster seems like he's down the hall. Come out, flip the lightswitch. Try and kill him while backing away. These sword monsters can do alot of damage to you. You need your health! Careful. When he's dead, look in the crate. Two colt mags, funny, we still haven't been using either the handgun or the shotgun yet, right? You'll get to use the shotgun later on, so save it, the colt, too, just in case.

Go in the door before the crate, turn the light on. It's safe in here. Items: Map for Raquia Maze on the table. One hard to see health potion atop the bookcase to your left. Use the Home key to see it and then grab it. Magnifying glass and sketch of a sword on that little table to your right. Read the wall, still makes no sense to me. Go in the door next to the little table. Turn the light on. Florentine's Staff is under the bed, so press z to crouch and get it. Do NOT arm yourself with this. Put it away and grab the staff you've been using all along that you found in chapter two. Florentine's Staff is NOT rechargeable. You only get like 12 bursts from it and then it's used up. Save it for the end of this game. Look at the locked cabinet. You need a key, you'll find it soon. There are two health potions in the suitcase on the floor. Open the door by the suitcase. It's just a broken teleporter with lots of dead rats. I don't remember if this thing ever did work. Open the door near the writing on the wall. See the door in front of you? SAVE. There's a monkey/dog monster in there. So do the door trick, he didn't seem to be able to get out the door. There are two health potions in this room in the crates. Now, leave this room by the door you just came in. Go right, but don't go all the way up the stairs, just alittle. SAVE. A monkey/dog monster will be halfway up the stairs. After that one, there are three more. You might have to run in the room a bit and then run back to get them in front of you. Make sure you've killed them all before walking about this room. Don't open that door yet! SAVE. There's a sword monster out there. Step out, step back. Kill him from the door. Then go in and find the lightswitch, to your right by the stairs.

You're in the Observatory. Items: ink, starchart, sketch (Seven Puzzles of Raquia?). Pick up the journal, there's a key in it for that locked cabinet in the bedroom. Read the journal as best you can. Discuss it with Rebecca.


In the journal, there's something about a fire that destroyed the Temple of the Morning Star after some Seals were broken (the fragments in your inventory). Belial saved Florentine from the fire (fires of hell). There's alittle about the Tower and how this Ire is there. A page about new Temple members and how they're helping to rebuild the Temple. Check the years on the pages, Florentine is very, very old. A bit more about Shards and Seals and the Soulstone. And mention of Raysiel, you'll speak with him soon enough. After discussing this with Rebecca, look at your inventory. Click on the Observatory to learn that Morning Star is another name for Venus. Click on Florentine, Chamber of the Soulstone, Sheol (hell symbol), and Raysiel to learn more about them. I'm still confused, are you? But at least we're getting alittle more info here, and we're starting to get a feel for why we're doing things in this weird house :)

It's time to open that locked cabinet. Go back through the door you came in. Back down the stairs and into the hall. It's safe, nothing attacked me. Go in the first door on your right. Press the z key to crouch and open the locked cabinet. Take the gold serpent. Make sure you now have TWO in your inventory before you leave this room. You will not be able to go further in the game unless you have both of them in your inventory. Remember, one was used to get a key and you should still have it. This one makes TWO. When you are positive you have two, SAVE. Okay, out through the door you just came in and into the hall.

Walk straight past the crate, go in the left door. Open the broken door into the basement. It's safe. Nothing attacked me. Find the small wooden door by the candle. Open it and just stand in there, don't walk up the few little steps. There's a small green spot you have to click on the wall before advancing into this room. See it on the left? Click it to activate the teleporter. SAVE. Step on the teleporter.

Chapter Seven--Beyond The Gate

You're back in the library. Time to place those serpents. You should have all seven of them now. The sarc will open for you. Don't go in yet, SAVE. There's a ladder in the sarc, but I found you always seem to fall alittle and take a bit of damage. There are some monsters you will face in here as well, of course. Ready?

Go in the sarc, go down the passageway, don't fall. In the clock room, walk up the stairs and look at the floor. Do NOT hit the hand panel behind you yet or samurais will appear. Set the clock for 6 o'clock, when you've done it right, hit the hand panel. You should hear a message and the door will open across from you. Do NOT go there yet. Equip your shield like a weapon first! SAVE. Now you can go in there. Equip your staff halfway down the hall. SAVE. Go in the left room first. Kill the two headed monster. I thought these looked cool and wished there were more of them in the game, but there's only one more and he's BEHIND you. When it's safe, go in both water rooms and get a chalice from each one. Click them on the water to fill them. SAVE. Go on to the fire room. You get a video. Hawk is telling you he needs a Key of Tears from Raquia. Go to the LEFT door. The other contains a monster and nothing more. Equip the chalice like a weapon and throw it at the door. Go in, get the dagger and a video. Aelf tells you to go to Raquia and you need this dagger to get there. Also, he died guarding the Shrive. Guess he's a ghost, right? :) SAVE. Make sure you have the dagger equipped. As soon as you walk out of here you get another video. Choose to attack Belial. You've wounded him, but he'll pop up again later on in the game.

Chapter Eight--The Mark Of The Beast

You don't have time to look at stuff in your inventory now, you've got a tough green demon at the top of the stairs. The . and , keys are your strafe keys. They come in handy about now to help you avoid being hit. Equip your new dagger. A Man in Black will also appear at the top of these stairs when you try and go up them. SAVE after each kill. Don't go any further yet. I cannot stress enough the importance of your health right now. Once you get to Raquia, there are NO health potions there (well, there is one, but it's not enough), and you will have lots of trouble getting back. So it is vital that you becareful now. There are two more of these green demons in the clock room. You have a choice, run past them now and kill them later, or get it over with now. You will be coming back here with the Key of Tears. So the choice is yours. Past this room, in the passageway, one Man in Black appears. Then you are safe in the library. SAVE in the library and take the time to click on some inventory items: Click on Belial and Aelf and click on the Raquia symbol. The game is getting good now :) You're starting to understand a bit more and you know you have to go to Raquia to get the Key of Tears and bring it back to Hawk, the Angel. So, you've got a clear mission now. But you'll still have to find the teleporter in the tower that takes you to Raquia and along the way, you'll be attacked, of course. Watch that health!

Okay, you've SAVED, right? There be monstas in the hall! :D Open the door, you'll get two samurais on the stairs, one in front of you and one behind. By now you know how to deal with them. Go downstairs, open the door in front of you into the typewriter room. SAVE. Then walk straight ahead into the dark room you started the game in, stop when you get to that suit of armor with flies buzzing around it. See that glowing symbol on the door straight ahead? When you walk in there, it will explode and a Man in Black will appear in front of you. Kill him fast. Open the door to this new area. You can SAVE here. You'll be exploring a bunch of new rooms, some with monsters. If you get confused as to which way to go, you can restore from here. The house is very maze-like.

Follow this corridor to a door on the left. SAVE. There's a samurai in there. Kill him. Go in and SAVE before you light the candles on the floor. Once you've lit all the candles around this symbol, you get a video, then you get attacked by a new big sword monster. He appeared in front of me. Try a direct hit with the staff, backing away as you do. If you have any problems with him, you can either restore, or run out and kill him from the doorway. Most IMPORTANT--this sword monster drops a statue! You need the statue, so take it. It's actually a doorkey.

Take the door opposite the windows. Go upstairs. Press z to crouch and open the cabinet. Items: One health potion, two shotgun shells. Go downstairs, take the left door and a door in front of that. Look at the blocked stairs on the left, there's a small cabinet over there. Items in the cabinet: One dice (Never found any kind of use for it in the game) and One shotgun shells. Walk back up these few stairs and take the door on your left. Go through the one in front of it, SAVE. Stand in front of the left door. That's the dining room. There are four colt mags on the floor in a corner and three health potions on the table. However, they are a trap. You can safely grab the two round bottles. Touch the slim bottle at the end of the table and two samurais appear. I killed the one on the left and ran out the door, then killed the other using the old door trick. When ready, leave the dining room by the new door you haven't gone through yet. Now, go right and go in a door on your left. Open the door, go right, go right and turn on the light in the dark hallway. Go up the stairs. You're going to go out into the Courtyard, the door on your left. SAVE first.

Go down the stairs and walk to the locked gate. Start walking up the short stairs on the left of it, hear the monster in there? He's a little tough. Watch your health! When you've killed him, a panel in the wall across the room opens to reveal a new big gun for you :) However, as soon as you grab that gun, two Men in Black appear behind you. So run about and kill them, but SAVE before leaving this room. As soon as you leave and walk down these short stairs, three Men in Black appear in the courtyard. Safest way is to run back up these steps and into this room again and kill them from the door, saving after each kill. When you're sure they're all dead. You can come out and get the one weak healing potion on the ground. It's somewhere over by the right of that locked gate. Do NOT drink this unless you absolutely have no other choice. Save it if possible. Remember, when you get to Raquia there is only one health potion there, not enough at all.

Okay, stand in front of the locked gate, face the courtyard. Take the big stairs to your right. Stand on the teleporter and click on it to get a video. Seems to be broken. Open the door in front of you and the one in front of that. Open the door on your left. This should be the Courtyard with the teleporter and whispering statues in it. Go to the teleporter for a video. By the way, that beast in the video, he's the one you'll be facing to finally leave this house. Did you like him? :)

Go back up the stairs and SAVE. Go left to the door with the big lock. You're going to open this door, but it's a trap. You still need some things in here, though. Try this, SAVE. Open the door, but don't go in at all. INCH your way to the right and see if you can quickly flick the lightswitch on before the video or security voice begins. If you can't do that, as soon as you can, turn the light on and run about the room. A samurai will be after you, just one. There are two of them out in the hall and it's safer to go after this one first. Then get the items: One health potion, 3 parchments, Map of the Tower-complete, Map of Raquia, ink.

Chapter Nine--By The Seven Be Bound

Let's look at the parchments a sec for some plot info. First one, tells the legend of Helston, the town this house is in. Also, alittle info about the ghost of a Squire and a legend about some miners who met up with a party of demons. When the miners spoke a prayer, the demons were killed in a cloud of black smoke. Another parchment talks a bit about the four worlds. The first part of it mentions Raquia and the Key of Tears, where you're going. It speaks of a puzzle there. Actually, there are quite a few. The last parchment speaks more about Raquia and Raysiel's puzzle. Basically, it's a warning of how peaceful to enter, how hard to leave. You'll find out. It's the reason I'm screaming at you about your health. You should find a complete tower map and a map of Raquia. Look at the complete tower map. The Raquia symbol is on the top left of it, that's where you have to go. Now, open the Raquia maze map. Take a look at it a moment. Can you see the items marked on it? You'll have to find them in the maze. That's not the end of Raquia, though, you'll have plenty of puzzles after that.

Okay, if you haven't already, kill the two samurais in the hall. Get the statue from this door lock!!! Don't leave here without it. You need it to open another door. Open the door straight ahead. SAVE. Go down the stairs. There are probably one or two more samurais down here. Kill em. Go right, right, see the door with the big lock? SAVE. A samurai will probably appear behind you when you open the door, if not before. Kill him off. You can leave the statuette here in the lock. You won't need it again. Go in, if you open the door straight ahead, you'll see a warded/locked door in there. I never found a way to open this door. The ward was still there at the end of the game. Red herring? For now, take the door on your left. Go down the stairs. Stand at the left corridor with the dead rats in it. SAVE here. Now follow the trail of dead, crunchy rats till you come to a room with water in it. This is the swimming pool. There are two empty locker rooms in here. I always thought they should have put something in there like some health! Okay, SAVE at this big door. Once you walk in you get a video.

Chapter Ten--The Key Of Tears

When the video is over, take one green crystal. There's a lever behind the altar, pull it to open the door to the mantelstone. Equip your Skull Staff if you like, it's alittle better to kill the new flying demons you'll face in the Tower. Aelf's dagger, is also good here. SAVE. Stand on the stone and use your masks. Run straight ahead into the shimmering gate, then you can look out at the monsters flying about. I only saw one flying monster and a few standing monsters. If you find that these monsters are in your way when you travel the tower, it's best to shoot them from afar if possible. It's getting dangerous in here! Don't stand in here, Go through this gate to the otherside, away from where you just came into it. Turn right and follow the main path, just keep trying to stay right, until you come to a winding path, you take the winding path left and just keep winding around until you come to the mantelstone for Raquia. SAVE before stepping on it.

Raquia: From the mantelstone, go straight across the bridge. It winds right, keep going. Up the stairs, SAVE. Go left. You get one green demon. Kill him now or it will be so much worse later when you're trying to run back through here. Use your strafe keys , and . to avoid his attacks and run around a bit shooting. Try and get away with as little damage to yourself as possible. When he's dead, from where you were originally standing in here, go right, straight, left, right. You should see tall trees and some big white steps. Follow the water past the two fountains. SAVE. This is the Raquia Maze. You'll get a video. SAVE after the video and use a different game slot for saves inside this maze.

Maze: Items: There are four items you must get inside this maze--Ear Plugs, Jewelled Meat, Pan Pipes, and a Ring that's missing its stone. Okay, you have a map of this place, so pull it out. We're getting the ear plugs first (lower left corner of the map).

Ear Plugs: Go left, wrap around right. Take the left, left again, straight to the pool. Get the ear plugs. Okay, look at the map again.

Jewelled Meat: Go straight, left, right, wrap around to the big stone. Walk in back of the bench. Press end and crouch. Look at the right bench leg and find the brown button. Press it and the stone comes down. Get the Jewelled Meat.

Pan Pipes: Stand in front of the bench, face the trees. Go right, left, right, left, right, take the second right. You should see the moving blocks. SAVE. Use the end key. You have to get across using the blocks and get the pan pipes. There is no other way. You can try run mode and the jump key. SAVE after each successful jump. This puzzle takes patience and a few tries. You return the same way once you have the pan pipes. SAVE when you've completed this puzzle.

Ring: Look at your map. Left to wall, right, then straight up. Right at wall. Go left by the tree. Straight past the two trees. You should see the water with moving panels. SAVE in at least two different game slots for this. Do NOT try and save once you begin this puzzle. For some reason, if you save while standing on a panel, you immediately die upon restoring your game! So only SAVE now and when you get to the other side. This puzzle takes the most patience. Use the end key, hop on the first panel. You can turn alittle to the left or right while standing on it but becareful not to fall off. Try this in and out of run mode, which ever works best for you. The trick is to stand on each panel long enough, like a minute at least, till you can safely hop on the next. It might take a few tries. Just remember not to touch the save game while doing it. Once across, get the ring, and now you can SAVE. Now, you've got to come back the same way! Patience, relax. You can do it! :) SAVE when you make it back across. Leave here. Wrap around and go left before the two trees. Wrap around to the Palace. SAVE. Put the Jewelled Meat in your gun hand. Go straight to the gate. Give the meat to the monster. Go straight, middle gate, click on the gate to open it. Straight up and take the first right. You want to go upstairs and find the Bell Room. So just keep walking about till you find it.

Bell Room: The object is to get across without waking Raysiel. You can only touch the floor about one time. After that, the big bell goes off! So SAVE here. Use two games slots. The long platform against the right wall has a lever. Do NOT pull the lever. It rings bells and you don't want to make noise here.

Directions: You'll be using the end key and the jump key. So go down these steps. Hug the left wall till you can't go further. Now peek out at the door and the steps you see with a moving block in front of them. Go up those steps, just press jump to get up there. SAVE. Jump onto the platform in front of you. Turn right, face the moving platform. Jump onto that. Jump onto the bigger moving platform it takes you to. Face left and take the moving platform to the back of the room. Ignore the lever! Walk to the corner, take the moving platform to the door and hop on in. SAVE.

Seven Puzzles Of Raquia: This area is made up of seven puzzles (that sketch you found in the Observatory, I think this is it), when complete, you'll be able to move the big block in the center to go upstairs. We're going to start with the left door. You can number the doors around this room with the Music door as one and the next as two and so forth clockwise.

Music Room: Use the Pan Pipes to open the door. Items: one flask of oil and one spectacles.

Skip the Face door for now. You don't have the password and the door is a trap without it. SAVE now.

Third door--The Singing Statue: Put your ear plugs on for this one! There's a key around the statue's neck. Just take it.

Skip the fourth door--Ice Room: You don't have the stuff to melt it yet. SAVE.

Fifth door--Library: Use the oil on the door so it doesn't make noise when you open it. Put the spectacles on or you won't be able to see the trap. This is kind of a hard one. You have to jump over the laser beams, grab the scroll, and jump back out. If you touch a beam, you get blasted! You really, really need your health. The way out of Raquia is full of monsters, so SAVE before you try this puzzle. Walk over to the books that are stacked on your left and trying jumping over those into the center of the room. Then walk right and just walk around the beams to get the parchment. Walk back to the center of the room, try jumping over the bookcase on your left this time it's by a candelabra, I think. See if you can get away with as much health as possible. You have to have that scroll to open the Face door. SAVE when you're done. And don't forget to read the parchment.

Door Six--Stained Glass: The key you got from the singing statue opens this door. Go in and take all seven colored gems from the glass window. You might have to use the home key to get the red one at the top. Use the end key to look at the floor. Now, it doesn't matter that you're in easy mode, you have to do this manually. That means, go through your inventory and pick the right colored stone, put it in your right hand and then click where it goes. Otherwise, you'll be wondering why the puzzle doesn't work. R is red (Garnet) place this first. Going clockwise, O is orange (Amber), Y is yellow (Topaz), G is green (Emerald), I is Indigo (dark blue, Turquoise), B is light blue (Sapphire) and V is violet (Amethyst). If you don't get the key after you've done this, rearrange some of the crystals. The colors might look different on your monitor. You can right click on each stone and Adam and Rebecca will tell you what they are. When done right, you get a jewelled key.

Skip door Seven. You can't cross the floor in there yet.

Go back to the Face door. Read the parchment you got from the library and talk to the Face. Spirit is the password. Go in and get the hot oil.

SAVE. Go over to room Four, the Ice Room. Use the hot oil on the floor. Run across, get the armlet. Run out. SAVE.

Go to room Seven. SAVE. Use the Armlet to cross the floor. Crouch to open the locker (I think sometimes this thing is alittle boobytrapped, either this cabinet or when you try and leave. So, I'd stay crouched.) Open the door, open the locker (key you got from the gems), get one gem and one health potion. Save it if possible.

Go back to the main room and find the place to put the gem to move the big block. Stand on it to get to the glass walkway above. SAVE before going in the door.

Exploding Gem Room: There's a gem in the back left corner of this room, however, if you get too close to any of these white gems, they explode. Walk right first and then see if it looks like there's a clear path. Try using your end key to make sure you're not near any white gems. Then work your way to end of the room and find the gem in the corner. Don't move when you have it! Wait till all the white gems rise and explode safely over your head. Click the stone on the ring in your inventory. Now you have a Spirit Ring. Go through the double doors and wear the ring. You get a video.

Chapter Eleven--Captive Angel

You have the Key of Tears! But all hell is about to break loose. You'll not leave Raquia as easily as you came in. SAVE here. Take a moment to discuss the Key of Tears with Rebecca, if you like. You're going to have to go back to the Bell Room first and cross it. That's the easy part. Just jump down to the floor and run across to the stairs leading out. It doesn't matter if the big bell rings now. It rang for me and nothing happened. SAVE first. And SAVE after you make it. Equip the BIG gun. You'll be facing alot of Men in Black. I really hope you listened to me about those health potions, and try not to use them all up before leaving Raquia. You'll face another hard section before you get any more health. Okay, are you ready?

Make sure you're in run mode. Wrap around the halls till you find the stairs going down. SAVE when you see the exit. The maze is full of traps, so try and follow my route. If you see a silver thing on the ground in there, jump over it or you'll get hurt. Look at your Raquia map. This is the best I can do with directions, so here goes: Left, left, right, straight as far as you can go. At this corner, go left till you can make a right. Go left. Straight as far as you can go. Right. Wrap around and see end of maze. SAVE here. If you got alittle lost and came to a bench with two trees, that's the jewelled meat room. You should be able find your way out using the map from there. Remember to SAVE before entering the maze and SAVE right BEFORE you leave it. As soon as you step out, two or three Men in Black appear. You can run past them using the strafe keys all the way. A few more green demons will appear as well. Run! Straight past the fountains, go right, follow the path as it wraps left. Right, right, through the opening in the hedges. Right on path, follow path, go right through hedges, down the steps. Follow the path all the way to the mantelstone. Use your masks to get out of here.

Tower: SAVE. You might meet a flying monster or two on the way and look out for those walking monsters. Follow the winding path till you see a straight path to your right. Follow the straight path to the shimmering gate. Go past the broken mantelstone with the cross on it into the shimmering gate. Ignore the right gate, take the left. Wrap around, take the gate on your left at the bottom of the stairs. Straight ahead to the Heled gate. SAVE.

Fire Room: As soon as you try and go down the steps, one Man in Black and one impossible ax monster will appear. Shoot the Man in Black first. The ax monster cannot come up the stairs, so stay where you are for now. Do not waste your ammo on him. He's nearly impossible to kill. Go into run mode. Wait till he's off to the side enough for you to run. Run across the room and down the stairs. Go immediately into the right locker room! Do not go into the pool room, there's a monster in there. Take a minute to breath in here. Equip your Skull Staff or Aelf's dagger. If it's possible to kill this new monster from the safety of the doorway, try it. If not, wait till he's far enough away and run out of the pool room. When you are safely in the hall, SAVE. Follow the path of crunchy, dead rats. You will be facing about three or four sword monsters in this passageway. Remember your health! Try and kill them while running backward. They don't seem to really follow you around corners, so it gives you some time for your weapon to recharge. Save after you kill each one. Count them, three or four. Then you should be safe. When the rat trail ends, take the stairs on your right. You can look in the left door, but you'll see a locked door with a symbol on it. So take the right door. Okay, from this door, facing out from it, go right, go straight, wrap left, follow this corridor all the way to the door. Open the door, first right is a dead end, so take the second right. Take the door on the left. Remember where you are now? You're in the bedroom. Open the door across from you near the fireplace. Go straight and up the stairs on your right to the library. SAVE.

Okay, you're going to go down the sarc and free Hawk with the Key of Tears. If you've killed everything in here previously, then it's safe, you won't be attacked. So go all the way to Hawk's lock. SAVE!!!! Save a game in a different game slot here. This is the closest you'll get to an Open House. So, if after finishing the game, you'd just like to walk around and look about, being careful of stray monsters, of course, this is the best place I've found to save for that. Click on the lock for a video. Be sure to ask Hawk everything, you'll finally get a better understanding of the plot.

Plot Summary: The Seals in your inventory are the broken Seals of the Soulstone. When the seventh is broken, it's the end of the world. The Shrive is a part of the Sword of Eternity. The Soulstone controls the universe by filtering good and evil. The Temple of the Morning Star was created by Florentine to bring evil into the world. Sheol is a layer of Hell. Arqua is a layer of Heaven. Aelf was a Knight who died defending the Soulstone. The rest of the Knights were defeated by Florentine and Belial. Belial is a Lord of Hell and a minion of Florentine's. Florentine (who pretended to be a priest and lured you here to this house) is on a mission to destroy all the Seals and deliver the world to Satan. Belial and Florentine are competing with each other to do this. They are planning to use Gaul as a host for the evil power of darkness. Hawk is a host for the power of light. Raphael is sort of related to Aelf. Adam's Father's soul can only be freed by restoring balance to the Soulstone. Adam is the only one who can hold the Sword of Eternity because of the marks on his hands. That's about it. Hope it made some sense :)

Chapter Twelve--St. Michael's

Hawk told you to find St. Michael's. It's a church. You also have to find the Sword of Eternity. Rebecca said you need to go to Arqua but you need a "key" to be able to go there. So, SAVE. Okay, look at the door past the lock you just opened up. You have to go out there, up the stairs, and there's a mantelstone. SAVE before getting on it! As soon as you arrive, you'll be attacked by LOTS of Men in Black. Do NOT run to the church. Run to the House on your left and run inside, shut the doors behind you! Do this fast!!! Once inside, do NOT move. All the doors are boobytraps. Use the end key and click on the doormat on the floor. Take the Magic Wand. Get the Magic Torch from the small cupboard. Take note of this: Both the Magic Torch and the Magic Wand MUST be in your hands before you can open any doors in here. If you find an item, you MUST put the Torch and Wand back in both your hands! Remember this or you'll get hurt. Face the double doors, turn to the door on your left with the ward/symbol on it. Walk BACKWARD abit. Make sure the Wand is in your gunhand and the torch the other hand. Click the Wand on the symbol, it will EXPLODE. Then it's safe to open the door. Always remember to stand clear when doing this. There's only one measly health potion in here and it's in the basement past some monsters. Don't worry about the guys outside for now. They can't touch you as long as you're in the house with the front doors shut. There are some monsters that will appear in the house as you go along, but I'll tell you when. Remember to always look for a lightswitch in the rooms, most of them have one.

Future House: Adam's Father used to live in this house, but now it's all vandalized and strange. Items: Five keys (Key 4 is in Florentine's Journal and the fifth key is in the basement), two novels, and a measly health potion. You're going to start in the kitchen. So go through the door you just opened.

You're in an empty living room. Blast the ward on the left. (Both these wards lead to the kitchen but left is best.) Look for a lightswitch. Go to the fridge and get the key. I found nothing else in this kitchen. Put the torch back in your right hand! It's in your magical items inventory. Blow the ward to the left of the fridge. Come out the door and turn around, facing it, blow the ward on the right door.

You're going in the basement. SAVE. Arm the Skull Staff or Aelf's dagger, use the end key to look down there and turn on the light to your right at the top of the stairs. There will be three samurais at the bottom of the stairs, try and kill them from the safety of the stairs as best you can. When they're all dead, come down the right stairs, find the candle, light it, and look at the big door. Put the wand and torch back in your hands. Go right and find the ward on the wall. Blast it. Go in till you come to a door. It's safe.

This is the laboratory. Turn the light on. There's a key on the floor to the left of the door when you walk in and a health potion to the right on the table. There is nothing else to find in this room. If you keep clicking on stuff eventually Adam says there's no secret door. So leave.

Go left to the red pentagram on the floor. Don't get too near the bars! That monster is trapped but he can hurt you if you get too close. Look at the monster. I wasn't able to kill him, so I left him alone. Facing him, go left to the big door that needs a key. You have the key. Open it up, go through the shimmering area and look at the tree. You can't get there from here. It's a place you'll visit later on. Okay, put the wand and torch back in your hands. There isn't anything more to see down here. Go upstairs, if a dead samurai is in the way, just jump over it.

Come back to the front double doors and go up the main staircase. See the warded door on your left? Stand in front of it, back up until you can see the lightswitch on your left. Turn the light on and blast the ward. Go in and open the wardrobe, make sure you've got the wand and torch in your hands! Blast the ward in there. Go in. Blast the ward on the little door in there. The other little door is locked. Open the little door you just blasted, turn the lightswitch on in there, blast the ward on the door. If you can't jump into there, it's okay. We'll be visiting it later. Leave through the wardrobe and bedroom, go straight till you see a warded door on the left. Blast it. Go in, turn the light on to your left.

Find the ward on the left wall, blast it. Go in, turn the light on to your left. Bathroom. SAVE in here. Look around it if you like :) Okay, blast the ward, arm the staff, there will be three samurais in here. Try and turn the light on. They seem to appear if you go near the bed. So turn the light on, jump on the bed and run back into the bathroom. Kill them from here. When they're all dead, go in and take the key from the nightstand. Go back in the bathroom and put the wand and torch back in your hands. Leave here and go straight to the door at the end of the hall. Go in this bathroom, hop on the toilet and jump into the little door. Open the small locked door on the left with your key. Take this new key. Put the torch and wand back in your hands! Leave through the regular door into the bedroom, out into the hall, go downstairs on your right. Wrap to the right at the bottom of the stairs toward the basement door and blast the ward on the left. Go in.

TV Room. Click the remote control on the desk. Watch the tv. Click the big poster. Click the stereo. Not much else to see in here. Stand in front of the door next to the stereo. Arm the Skull Staff or Aelf's dagger. SAVE. Two samurais will appear in this room. Try and turn the light on first. Then run back into the tv room. If they didn't appear, you didn't walk in far enough. Kill them from the tv room door. Much safer. When they're dead, go back in. Get two novels and a hard to see Journal. When you touch the journal, it burns you and falls to the floor. Get it off the floor, look at it to get the key from it. Read the journal for plot info.

Plot Summary: First page, something about getting "volunteers" to track The Dodger (Raphael) in the Tower. And mention of the Sword of Eternity. Florentine is suspicious of Belial. Next page, six of Florentine's minions disappeared in the Tower while trying to track The Dodger. Third page, Florentine plans to break the fifth Seal and Shard. The Dodger is controlling the Ire in the Tower now, making it difficult to cross. He's afraid to tell the Temple members. He found a white feather in the Tower, but doesn't know who dropped it. He still wants to kill The Dodger. He dreamed of the Sword and a castle. Fourth page, the fifth Seal is broken. Florentine's minions have been unsuccessful at killing The Dodger (Raphael). One of Florentine's minions died with a white feather in his mouth and blade marks upon his body (suggesting Aelf's Dagger?). Florentine's dreams are becoming prophetic. He dreamed Abaddon told him that someone would come and hold the Sword of Eternity. This person would either aid his cause or destroy it. Next page, Florentine has placed two feathers in a safe box. A conversation with Belial. Belial tried to fight the Gardeners and lost. Last page, Florentine and his minions are preparing to attack the Tower and march through to the Chamber of the Soulstone. To get there, they will take the mantelstone in the Graveyard maze to Sheol. Apparently, the attack failed. They were defeated by The Dodger.

Discuss all this with Rebecca. You can click on some inventory items for more information: Click on The Ire and The Dodger, the Soulstone, Chamber of the Soulstone, Florentine, Florentine's Dreams, the Tower and Tower Gates. That's about it.

Go out the door by the window. Stand in front of the double doors. Arm the big gun. SAVE. Many thanks to Lu Richardson for this next part or I'd probably be stuck here forever :) Right about now you're probably wondering when you'll get another health potion. Don't worry. There's salvation inside the Church.

You've finished this house, but you still have to go in the Church. The Men in Black regenerate one time. So after you've killed this batch, you get another. These monsters can walk in the double doors on you if you open them. So what you want to do is to open them and close one, kill a monster, close the doors, SAVE, and repeat till they're all dead. Walk out a few steps, when they appear again, come back inside and repeat. You can strafe to avoid their fire if possible. When it's finally safe to go out, SAVE before going near the Church doors. A monster will appear when you try to go there. He drops a coin, so you have to kill him to get it. Once you have the coin, take some holy water (doesn't seem to do anything, but it can't hurt), put the coin in the collection box and open the door.

Church: Walk to the back of the Church to the pulpit and get the notebook. Read the notebook. It describes St. Michael and his Holy Sword (Sword of Eternity?). One ancient text describes St. Michael as having green feathers. The last notebook page speaks of Raphael, a healing angel.

Walk behind the pulpit to get a video. Now you have two feathers. Walk back toward the front door and take the door to the right of it. You have the key. Go upstairs and find the tiara and then the key. Come back to the door near the pulpit. SAVE. Go in and put the tiara on the Madonna. Put the Green feather in your right hand and place it in it's spot. (If you put the red feather, you get ambushed by two samurais!) A little door opens to your left and you can click on the Helmet for a video. After the video, two good health potions appear in there. Try and save one if you can :)

Chapter Thirteen--Sword Of The Dragon

Aelf told you to go to Arqua, and you have to find the Sword of Eternity and take it to the Chamber of the Soulstone in Sheol. You can click on the Helmet and Aelf in inventory and discuss them with Rebecca. Ready? Go outside to the mantelstone, SAVE before you get on it.

SAVE at the Tower. Face both paths. Take the right one. Watch out for any flying monsters. Go into the shimmering gate, down the steps, take the first shimmering gate on your right. Follow it all the way to the Arqua mantelstone. SAVE.

Arqua: One inside, all your stuff is gone. You have no health potions. All you have is a note. So read the note. You'll get all your stuff back when you leave here. While you won't be attacked here, it is still possible to fall, so save often and watch your health with that. All the doors here lead to the same place, but let's take the left corridor, find the door on your right. Walk all the way up to the palace. Go in the right room and step on the teleporter. You should be upstairs now. Take the items in this room, cylinder and flint. As you walk out of the room a forcefield will cover all the rooms here. That's okay. Walk around the fountain till you see the eye teleporter on the floor. SAVE and click on it.

Magnifying Glass: You have to be careful not to fall. You're going to have to climb all the way up and find the magnifying glass. So, facing outside, go left. Go straight up the stairs. Go left, wrap around till you get to the top. Use the end key to see the magnifying glass. Click it to get the glass. Go back down wrapping left, left till you see the eye teleporter. Click it to get back. SAVE.

Chalice: Walk around the fountain and find the chalice teleporter on the floor. Click it. SAVE. Turn alittle so you can see the chalice across the room. You have to get up there. Use the end key to see where you're going. Go straight, then left, wrap around till you see the wall opening. Go out the opening, walk left all the way around till you see the wide steps. Go up them and go right till you get to the chalice. Take the chalice, go back down to the sunlit openings. Go right. Wrap around till you see the steps on your right in the wall. Follow the steps till you come to the tall ones. Go up and find the teleporter. Click on it. SAVE.

Fill the chalice with water and throw it at a forcefield. Fill it for each one. Go in and take all the items you can. Use the magnifying glass in your right hand to right click on the little doors and read them. At one of the little doors, Adam might say "nothing hidden here" click on it to get a scroll that says burn. Okay, the items you should have from all the rooms are: cylinder, flint, flask and powder, bowl and powder, pestle, mortar, fan, and scroll that says burn.

Click the mortar and pestle together. Go to the grind room. Put the mortar/pestle in your right hand, click on the grind door. Get the waterpipe. Go to the burn room, combine the cylinder and flint, click this on the burn scroll. Get the tinder. Go to the bong room. Combine both bowls of red and black powder to get snow. Use the flint to burn the snow. You should hear a bong noise. You might have to do it twice. Get the amber. Use the mortar/pestle to grind the amber.

Walk to the fountain. Use the flint/cylinder on the tinder. Put the burning tinder on the fire icon. Amber on the square, Fan on the clouds, snow on the last one. Rebecca should tell you to combine everything now. So, take it all back.

Click the snow on the waterpipe, click the amber on it, click the tinder on it, use the fan on it. Put the pipe in your right hand, click the fountain water. Get a video.

Chapter Fourteen--Vengeful Souls

Discuss the Sword with Rebecca. Okay, find the teleporter to downstairs in one of the rooms. Go through one of the gates and walk all the way to the mantelstone. Use your mask.

SAVE. Arm the Skull Staff or Aelf's dagger. Watch out for flying monsters. You have to go back to the Main House now. The monsters in the Tower will now drop some health potions if you kill them. If you're low on health, you can do a monster hunt through the Tower till you get a few potions. Then just use your map to find the Heled mantelstone. For now, to get back to the house, starting at the mantelstone you just arrived by, follow the path all the way to the shimmering gate and go through. Take the right shimmering gate. SAVE inside the gate. The monsters can't come in here. Kill the walking monsters to get the health potions. I got about three. Wrap around till you come to the shimmering gate. Go through, straight to the Heled mantelstone. You get a video.

The Prisoner

Well, it looks like you've been captured and Belial's got the Sword and Shrive! Don't worry, it was supposed to happen. Just sit here till Rebecca comes to save you :) Take a look at all the clippings on the bulletin board.

Plot: Clipping about Crop Circles and a weird theory that they're linked to the devil. Article about three missing French Dermatology surgeons (Yeah, Belial really needs some work done!). Article about an Astronomer who died in a fire. Article about six local women who are missing. Article about the people in Adam's Father's Parish who are missing twenty-four hours of time. An article about strange fires breaking out all over Europe, burning up expensive historical estates. I think that's about it.

Chapter Fifteen--Where The Dead Lie

Leave by the door to the right of the board. Next cell's empty. Go to the next one. Items: Graveyard Maze map (There are monsters both inside it and out). Florentine's last Journal. Read it for plot. Two health potions, one is a full heal, I believe. Five shotgun shells, four colt mags. Arm the big gun, you'll be facing lots of Men in Black.

Plot: First page, Florentine believes the fires were set by The Dodger, and it seems Florentine was the one who created The Dodger in the first place (Much too confusing to the gameplot! I thought The Dodger was a good guy? So I guess he was created for evil, but went good?) Florentine had a dream about a man (Adam) and the Sword again. Next page speaks of preparations for breaking the Sixth Seal and Shard. Also, he's decided to trust Belial for the time being. Last page, Florentine has created monsters to cloak the house and temple from intruders. (No one outside in the town can actually see the house now. This is kind of relevant to the ending.) He's preparing for a Rite of Imperception? and has captured a creature (Hawk) who will tell him nothing. The creature is now with Raysiel. Belial believes the creature is a Watcher. Florentine had another dream--the man (Adam) was with Florentine's lover! (Rebecca). They were in the Chamber of the Soulstone with the Sword. Look at the date on the letter. Rebecca is alot older than she appears to be. I found Rebecca to be curiously silent about this last Journal. (Adam doesn't quite realize who Rebecca is yet, but he will later on.) You can click on Belial in your inventory. That's about it for now.

Out the door, turn left, go up the stairs and SAVE. Remember what I told you about those health potions! SAVE alot from this point on in at least two different game slots. Always try and get away with as much health as you can (in Sheol, there are NO health potions when you get there!). Open the door to this room, run forward alittle and run right back. Do NOT try and go out the double doors in here. It will be full of Men in Black out there. You only get three Men in Black in this room. So kill them using the old door trick. Go in and stand in front of the double doors. SAVE. As soon as you step out, there will be about half a dozen Men in Black. Best advice is to kill some of them from in here. Wait a bit, see if you can kill them all. Then run straight ahead. Three more Men In Black materialize as you near the back wall, kill em, and find the opening on your right. Look right and find the three fires to click on. You have to use all three of Florentine's Journals to open each one. Then the door on the right opens. Run in the door. Go in alittle and save. You'll have samurais and a few more Men in Black on the way out. So SAVE. (There was nothing to see in the graveyard.)

Chapter Sixteen--The Gate

Wrap around till you come to the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, you'll get the samurais and a few Men in Black. There really weren't that many. You can even run past some of them if you like. The maze is straight ahead. Run in and go right. (You have a map of this maze if you get lost) wrap all the way around. Go straight till you can't go any further. Go through the opening in front of you, it's alittle to the right. Be careful of the samurai, you get one. Straight over the steps there's a place to jump. Jump in there, left and then right to the teleporter which is guarded by two Men in Black. Hop on the teleporter, use your mask, turn around fast and kill the flying monster in the Tower.

Go straight, go right into the shimmering gate. SAVE. You've got some monsters to kill. They drop health potions, so stay here and kill as many as you can for awhile. Guess what, there are NO health potions in Sheol! So you better get as many you can. If you find that some of the monsters are off the path in the black area (bug), try and kill them close to the path so you can reach the potions without falling off. When you're done. Go straight into the shimmering gate. Ignore the Sheol mantelstone in front of you for now. You have to get the Sword and Shrive first. Walk to the right and look at the break in the path. There's probably a monster across it. Shoot the monster till he drops the potion. Go into run mode. SAVE. Run and use the jump key to get across. Get the potion, go into the shimmering gate and find the Sword and Shrive on the shelf in there. Come back out and jump back to the Sheol mantelstone.

Sheol: SAVE. Okay, just walk up to the arch. Get a video. Ask everything, then choose to go through. You'll get immediately attacked by an alien monster. Kill it quick. And SAVE. Here's the deal, Rebecca isn't with you. Remember, you only had one green crystal for passage here? It's okay, that was supposed to happen. There are no health potions in here and this place is full of fast alien monsters. This is the Alien Brain Hive.

Alien Brain Hive: You don't have a map of this place. It's round with chambers. Directly in front of the arch, you'll find a Brain Machine. You have to collect sixteen brains and feed them to the machine all at once. When that happens, a tough monster will appear. You will have to kill him to get a scroll before you can leave. Now, there are many interconnecting tunnels, which is what makes this place so confusing. And all of the tunnels have monsters in them. There are somewhere between two or four monsters per tunnel, maybe more. The good news is that when you've killed them all, they don't regenerate, so you won't have to worry as much about your health after that. Okay, I'm going to defer to Nick Brown's solution for this. If you follow the instructions exactly, you should get all sixteen brains. However, my suggestion is to do a bug hunt first and kill all the monsters. That way you won't have the confusion of trying to follow the directions and kill stuff at the same time. The choice of weapon is up to you. The monsters seem to die fast with a magical weapon. I could never map this place better than Nick Brown has, so full credit for this solution goes to him. Here it is:

Alien Brain Hive Solution By Nick Brown:

There is one brain in front of the Brainometer and one hidden behind it. You should find three more on the floor around the perimeter of this 'cave'. The others are hidden within the maze of passages.

There are four brains in dead-end passages.

There are four side 'caves' each has three entrances and a heart on top of a pillar. Three of these 'caves' yield two brains each (one near the heart, one on the floor), the fourth just one.

The brain maze consists of passages, side caves, deadends, flyovers, single gates(G) and double gates (DG). Take care when crossing any flyovers. If you do fall off, just find your way out to the main central cavern and start again.

Face the Brainometer and number the perimeter double gates (DG) one to four clockwise. Go to DG number one and enter via the left entrance. Hug the left wall and go through a G, go through the next G, ignore the next right and the next DG on your left. Now take the next left just before the next G. Ahead are three entrances to one of the side caves. There is only one brain in this cave, so take the middle entrance and get the brain in front of the heart column. Turn around and go out. At the junction go left through the G, go across the flyover, take the left tunnel and follow it through two Gs until you get back to the main cavern.

Go back to number one DG and enter via the righthand entrance. Take the next right down the steps and then a sharp left at the bottom into a deadend containing a brain. Turn around and take the next left though a G (not back up the stairs) and the next left through a G. Pass under the flyover, through three Gs, up the stairs, through two Gs and then take next left into the lower part of another side cave. Get the brain, go back out, turn left and left back into the cave, get the brain in front of the heart. Go out turn left, ignore the next left (back into lower part of cave) and through a G and a DG, down the steps, under a flyover and take the next left through a G. Go through a G, ignore the next right and get the brain in the deadend. Turn around, take next left up the steps, through a G, left at the top, ignore next right, left at the junction, through a G, ignore next right and go across a flyover. Take the left at the intersection, through a G, take the next left down the steps then a very sharp left into a deadend with a brain. Turn around, take next left, go under a flyover, up the steps and through a DG. Go through a G, ignore next right, through a G, ignore next right and go through six Gs. Go under a flyover and left at the four-way junction into a deadend and a brain. Turn around, take the next left through a G at the four-way, left at the top of the steps, through a G, ignore the next right and go across a flyover. Go through a G, ignore the next right and go left just before the next DG. Ignore the next right and the next left to go back to the main cave.

Go to DG number three and enter via the left entrance. Hug the left wall, go through a G, ignore the next right, go across a flyover, turn left and left through a G. Take the left entrance into another side cave and get the brain. Go out and take the middle entrance to get the brain in front of the heart. Turn around, ignore the left entrance that takes you back into the cave and turn left through a G. Go on, ignore next right, through three DGs and a G. Take next left in to another side cave, get the brain, go out turn left and left again to get the brain in front of the heart. Turn around, go out of the cave, turn left and ignore the left taking you back into the cave. Follow the passage through four Gs to the next DG. Take the right just past the DG and an immediate right through a G, go through a G and then back out to the main cave. SAVE and Feed the Brainometer with the sixteen brains.

If you followed Nick's solutions, you should all the brains. After you feed the brains, you get a tough monster behind you. Run into one of the caves, he won't follow you. Aelf's dagger seemed to work best on him. You're probably going to have to keep running out and shooting him. When he's dead, he drops a scroll (Power of Dominion). Take the scroll and go back through the arch you came here by to get a video.

SAVE. Wow, what a video! You're on your own now. Click on the figure in the red light to get a video. Ask everything. SAVE here. Arm the shotgun. The object is to shoot all the mirrors without your reflection ever touching each mirror. If your reflection touches a mirror, an impossible monster comes out of it and he will smack you to death unless you run around him and shoot the mirror, then he dies. It's best to just save after each successful mirror and restore when you get a monster. There are sixteen mirrors. Twelve are on one side of this main cave, you just have walk up and down the stairs in there. And four mirrors are on the other side of the cave where the opening looks widest. After you feel you've destroyed all the mirrors, walk back to the throne, it will open up for you. SAVE and go through.

Chapter Seventeen--Father Of Lies

Wow, another great video! Okay, go back under the arch and SAVE. Don't move, we'll be starting with the room directly in front of you. I relied heavily on both Lu Richardson's and Nick Brown's solutions here, so they both get full credit for these solutions.

Octagon Puzzle room: There are eight rooms here. We're going to start with the one directly in front of you and work counter-clockwise to the right. When all eight puzzles are complete, you have one more to lower the flames so you can leave. You also get a monster who drops a scroll, so you have to kill him before you leave.

Walk straight ahead into the first room. See the small square forcefield? You're only going to touch this ONCE. Touch it, a door just opened to your left. Remember, when you complete each puzzle, the little square forcefield will be gone, do NOT touch this round dial. The round dials are part of a final puzzle that you will be doing after completing all eight puzzles. So leave it alone, okay? Now, go into the puzzle room you just opened up.

Checkerboard: (Don't save as you do this one because the positions are not saved in your game file.) While facing the far side, stand in front of the third tile (a dark one) from the left. Now go forward, forward, forward, forward, left, left, forward, forward, right, right, right and then in to press the hand. Now turn round, run over the slime and while running, shoot the force field to remove it. Puzzle completed. You probably took alittle damage from that slime, didn't you? Try and save those health potions! Go to the next room on the right and touch the forcefield.

Mirror Maze: This not the puzzle for those of us who get queasy! If you start feeling sick, it's the weird kaleidoscope floor. Okay, the object is to go in, find the handswitch, press it and come back out. I got conflicting solutions for this, Gremlin's official cheats says to put your shoulder to the LEFT wall going in and the RIGHT wall coming out. But both Lu and Nick said to do the opposite, RIGHT in, LEFT out. It didn't matter to me, I still got confused and lost. You just have to keep walking all around in there till you find the hand switch, press it, and find your way out, hopefully before you get carsick from the floor! Best advice is to SAVE in two different game slots, one before going in and one as you progress. Eventually, you make it. Can't help you further with it, there's no map.

Floating Balls (aka Coconut Shy, I believe): This is a fun puzzle. You have to set the dials so that you shoot, bouncing off the balls, and blowing out the little forcefield. Here's the solution: Look at the dials in front of you. Taking the red point at the top as one and going around clockwise, set the dials as follows: first row, 1, 1, 5, 1; second row, 3, 6, 1, 8; third row, 1, 8, 8, 7. Press the big button twice till the wall comes down, completing the puzzle. Go to the next room on the right. Hit the forcefield.

Five Hand Puzzle: Top row, press the right hand, bottom row press the left hand. Go into the maze and find the handswitch. Press it. Come out. Completed. Go on to the next room on your right.

Gem Shoot: First shoot the wall, you'll reveal the gems. Okay, this is easy, just click to the left or right of the gun to move it and blast the gems. When all the gems are gone, the wall comes down and you're done. Then go on to the next room on the right.

Two Guns: You have to clear a path for each gun to shoot out the forcefields. Numbering the switches from one to seven, left to right as you face them, to expose the bottom path press (in any order): 2, 3, 5 and 7. Press the big button twice. To expose the top path press (in any order): 2, 5 and 6. Press the big button twice. When complete, the wall should come down. Go on to the next room on the right, press the forcefield and SAVE. Don't go in yet!

Mined Mirror Puzzle: SAVE in at least two game slots here. One before entering, and one as you go. All the lit pads on the floor are mined. Step on them and you get blasted. To go around them, walk to the corners, go into run mode, use the run and jump keys. SAVE after each successful jump. The object is to go in and find a moving mirror without a forcefield, shoot it as it comes toward you. This removes a forcefield from another mirror. You only get four mirrors. Once you've found them all and broken them, the lights dim in here. Then you have to make your way to the back of this room and find the alcove with the block. Jump up on the block and the puzzle will be complete. Come out, go to the next room on the right, touch the forcefield.

Floor Blocks: You have to move the blocks to create a walkable (you can't jump from block to block) route to the opening in the far left corner of the room. Face the panel and number the switches 1 to 13, left to right and top to bottom. Now press: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12. Once you are across, press the hand, come on back, the wall should come down, completing the puzzle. Go on to the next room on the right, should be the room where you first started, that had the checkerboard in it.

Dial Puzzle: Stand in front of the dial that I told you not to touch again earlier. Click the dial till it goes dark. Turn around and face the entrance. This I will call one. Turn left and go on to the next circle, two. Press that dial till it goes dark. Now, counting circles and going left, skip the next one, and go to circle four, press it till it goes dark. Skip the others till you come to circle eight. SAVE, before you click on that one, have a look at the corridor leading to the kaleidoscope mirror maze puzzle: you are going to have to run in here really fast. Arm the shotgun. Click on the circle and you'll hear an irritating laugh. Look at the arch in the center, just long enough to see what's coming and run into the corridor toward the maze, go in just far enough so that a narrow slit allows you to shoot the guy whereas he can't get at you. You'll probably have to run out and find him as he walks into each room. I found this monster to be the creepiest of all because he kept talking and he had that flame-thrower. Eeeeek! A few good shotgun blasts does the trick. Try and strafe to avoid his flames. When you've killed him, click on his body to get a parchment (Perdition Protection Scroll). You can now go through the arch. SAVE.

Before you go through the arch again, arm Aelf's dagger. As soon as you go through, you'll get attacked on both sides by flying monsters. There will be a health potion on the ground behind you. Shoot both monsters, strafing to avoid their hits.

Castle: As soon as you come through the broken gate, walk along the LEFT wall and find two health potions on the ground. Walk over to the white tower and go in but to the RIGHT, the left is a dead end. Go all the way up the stairs till you find the tree. There's a health potion on the ground near it. Look up at the window, see where you looked in from the Future House? You can't leave through there. So go back downstairs, into the yard. Now, walk toward the big green stone to get a video. After the video, you get attacked by Belial. It's just you and him. Position yourself behind the green stone where he can't hit you. Kill him off. I had some trouble trying to hit him from here, so I armed the Eternity Sword, ran over to him, strafing alot, and ended up slicing him up :) When he's dead, click on him, but I don't think he's got anything. SAVE. Okay, use the Eternity Sword on the big green stone.

Chapter Eighteen--Threads

Big trouble now! Grab the health potion on the window sill and the one on the floor (It's finally okay to use up most of your health potions, but try and save at least two for the end of the game, you'll have to run through some Men in Black before you even get to the end monster). There will be flying monsters, green demons, and walking monsters. Arm Aelf's Dagger. Run hugging the right wall. Find the small bridge, run all the way across, trying not to fall, till you come to the next cavern. You're path will be blocked by a walking monster. He takes too long to shoot and you'll get boxed in by the flying monsters. He doesn't come after you, so kill the flying monsters coming at you. Then arm the Eternity Sword and slice this guy up. Inside, there's a health potion on the ground to your right. Now you'll find the cave door is blocked by two walking monsters. Look out for any stray flying monsters coming at you from the right. Arm the Eternity Sword, slice the guy on the left. Run into the cave. Just run past any flying monsters, follow the path till you see the mantelstone. SAVE before you get on. You get a video.

Chapter Nineteen--The Gathering

This is a fun video. Choose not to attack Florentine and say that time is on your side.

Chapter Twenty--The Devil Take The Hindmost

SAVE immediately. You're in the courtyard filled with Men in Black. Don't hang around shooting them, you haven't got time. The house will be falling apart around you. Run straight ahead into the doubledoors. Inside, run to the right, don't make any turns, just wrap. You should see the door with the big lock that you used the statuette on earlier. Go left past it, wrap, wrap, wrap, till you finally get a monster in front of you. The way behind you will be blocked off with fire. No time for this guy, just run past him, and through the door. No turns, just wrap till you come to a door in front of you. This should be the picture frame room. Arm Florentine's Staff. SAVE. Go in through the double doors, run straight to the left pillar by the Front doors. Wedge yourself in between the wall and the pillar, the wall should be on your left with you facing forward. Get the monster in front of you and back up a step till he can't get you. Fire at him till he's dead. If you keep him in front of you, you'll be okay, if he gets behind you, you get hurt. When he's dead, go out through the Front doors. Get a video.

End Video

You can take this to mean several things. Florentine hid the house and the temple from outsiders, so no one would ever believe Adam's story. Or, you can believe that Adam never really got away and he's caught in a time Thread. I'd rather not believe he's crazy. Better to think no one believed him, but he's sane :)

End Notes: I never found a brain map. If anyone ever does, please email me at: and let me know. There was still a locked door with a ward on it, by that last door you needed the statuette for, in there, I never found a way to unlock that, the ward remover from the Future House didn't work on it. Maybe it requires a different gaming path? Or it's just a red herring? Same goes for the ward on the door in the cemetery. I also never found any secrets. I suspect there might be some, but since there are no cheat codes, I'm really not sure. If you find something that isn't in this walkthrough, please let me know. I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did. See my ROTH site for saved games and other ROTH related info at: Please visit my website for my other game walkthroughs and cheats at: If you liked this game, I highly recommend Harvester. See my Harvester site at: Many thanks to Lu Richardson and Nick Brown. And of course, much thanks to Interplay and Gremlin .

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